"Pissed Off Activists" Go After Editor

Neal Boulton Continues To Get Press For Being Gay

Genre editor Neal Boulton again wormed into Page Six. This week’s adventures involves Boulton allegedly being verbally assaulted for being too “straight”. The editor explains:

Some pissed-off gay-activist types bombarded me over the weekend as I walked hand in hand with my children. One threatened to call Page Six to ‘out me’ as a straight fraud.

Boulton would have dropped to his knees for the publicity, but then he realized he could just make the call himself!

Butched up Boulton continues:

The other guy barked that I had no right editing a gay magazine because of all the women I slept with. I would have clocked them had my kids not been in tow. Yeah, I did spend the weekend at [my wife] Claire’s, but I do that all the time. I try to get as much time in with the kids and Claire… she’s the mother of my children.

And no amount of faggotry’s gonna change that…