Neal Boulton Loves Go-Go Girls, Boys

Someone really wants to stick it to Genre editor Neal Boulton. An anonymous source sent out a little blurb yesterday and places Boulton at the Penthouse club sans his wife, with whom he recently reconciled: …Boulton was there with a blond women who is NOT his wife Claire. He kept the money and booze flowing well enough so that they had women all over them the entire time.” Scandal!

We, too, received this message and asked Boulton for a reply. Here’s what he had to say:

I can’t help it if the Penthouse girls, no matter what you’re into, are hot–and worth all the fists of bills I stuff into their g-strings. I have eyes for everything beautiful. Why live any other way? Plenty of cute boys swooning on tabletops over the years have profited from me in much the same way.

Boulton’s an equal opportunity employer, apparently.