Nearly 150,000 Gays Invade Disney!

Gay Days

While some of us argue over the sexuality of superheroes, at least one group of illustrated creations is embracing their homo side. Down in Orlando, the 16th annual Gay Days is in full stride at Disney World, with Mickey and Donald playing host to thousands – excuse us: 140,000! – gays looking to get their summer sun on with constumed characters. Whether it’s bingo and the Expo or dancing and drinking at the Bud Light BBQ Pool Bash, there’s plenty more to do than just sit in the queue for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Just don’t cut in line. It’s one thing to piss off a family of four waiting in line at Space Mountain. It’s another to cross a gaggle of gays waiting for the tea cup ride.

(And we’d certainly be remiss if we didn’t mention the violence already plaguing this year’s celebrations.)

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