Speedy Sex

Nearly Half Of All Men Climax Within Two Minutes

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A new book is trying to get to the root of what is “normal” for most couples, and some of the findings indicate that a large percentage of men come to a …er…”speedy” conclusion.

Dr. Harry Fisch is the author of The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grownups, and though the book is mostly targeted towards the heteros, it still has some rather revealing findings about sex and intimacy that will definitely be conversation starters for the gays. Among them:

  • 45 percent of men finish having sex within two minutes.
  • Married couples have more sex than those who are single.
  • The average man has eleven erections every day.

Now, about that two minutes…Dr. Fisch references multiple studies to get to that number.

There have been studies in which couples consented to be scientifically observed having sex, and one of the observers timed each session with a stopwatch to make a fairly accurate assessment about the length of the coupling. Not surprisingly, there is an extremely large variation in the time it takes a couple to have sex, ranging from the excessively short (about two minutes or less, which famed sex researcher Alfred Kinsey dryly noted was a “frequent source of marital conflict”) to the “Are you done yet?” (over forty minutes).

So there you have it, folks. The sweet spot for your partner is definitely somewhere in between “is that it?” and “are you done yet?” Now that you’ve got some basis for what “normal” is, you can go ahead and do some personal studies of your own.

You know, for science.