Brownback Fights All The Way To The End...

Neff Nomination Passes

Janet Neff can breathe a sigh of relief. The Senate voted 83-4 yesterday to confirm the judge’s nomination for Michigan’s federal court. You can be sure one of the dissenting votes came from Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback.

Brownback’s made it his personal – and nonsensical – mission to block Neff’s nomination after Neff attended – and spoke at! – a lesbian civil union. Obviously that’s judicial blasphemy, thus Brownback made an – er – impassioned speech to stop the Senatorial process. We’ve included a video after the jump, but here’s a taste:

I think she has an activist view on this issue. The fact that Judge Neff feels the court has to weigh in before this issue is settled suggests a misunderstanding of the role of the judiciary.

Brownback’s speech came after months of feet-dragging and the unconstitutional suggestion that Neff pick and choose her cases, avoiding “gay” cases, lest her unAmerican acceptance cloud her judgment. The Senate scoffed at Brownback’s suggestion and waved him away. Yesterday proved to be Brownback’s last bid and it failed. Let’s hope the same will be said about his run for president.

Check out his speech, after the jump.

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