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Neil Patrick Harris + Chris Colfer Unknowingly Pushing Ex-Gay Agenda

Even the terrors at Exodus International knows the trick to luring in customers (read: homosexuals who hate themselves) is to attach some celebrity cachet. But without a famous person willing to lend his name to Exodus, the ex-gay group must rely on actual out and proud gays, and then trick you into thinking they’re just confused about their sexuality. Last year Exodus declared 2011 would be a time to “Simplify, Amplify and Intensify.” I guess this counts? Sign up for Exodus’ one-day conference Love Won Out and find out!

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  • Fagburn

    Can the people from Glee and Lady Gaga not sue over unauthorised use of their imagery?

  • ewe

    Alex Chambers is worse than Tony Perkins and Tony Perkins has a smelly crusty asshole. I find it laughable that these freaks think they have a direct phone line to a supreme universal being and even label it as a he. Meanwhile…. if you ever bump into one of these ex gays forcing themselves to not be themselves, make sure to check out where their eyes are because what you will notice is that they are locked onto your crotch. And we all know that’s so straight right? lol. What a croc of bullshit. What a sham of garbage. What an evil fucked up gay group turning on itself. Shame on these silly, sad and pathetic gay men and women who hate themselves. They should be slapped upside the fucken head.

  • testington

    I am sure those photos are not public domain I hope somebody files a lawsuit.

  • justiceontherocks

    Isn’t this the group that keeps finding all their directors in gay bars and bath houses? The treatment must not work very well.


    god i hope lady gaga, and everyone else sues the these people for everything they have! im pretty sure they did not authorize their image for use in Hate Propaganda

  • asdf

    The “My son says he’s gay” one is the really scary one. But then again, I don’t think the US signed the UN Covenant on the Rights of the Child. *sigh*

  • Jeffree

    Someday, I hope that sending your Queer kids to reparative therapy will be considered a form of child.abuse—and parents will get charged with that crime.

    Harris and Colfer surely have better atty’s than Exodus does, so maybe a little legal action will be taken.

  • Shannon1981

    I went to conversion therapy. I assure you it doesn’t work.

    these people need to be sued. Better yet- locked up. they are the ones with the mental illness, not us.

  • kayla

    I actually think the image of a photogenic, happy gay couple and their babies might inadvertently give a gay young person a little bit of hope….I don’t know why they didn’t put an image of some drugged out meth twink….Wouldn’t that have been more effective?? This video is a total fail!!

    Are there still people really trying to kill their inner gay…that’s just sad! And yes, it should totally be classified as child abuse for parents to force their minor child into so-called “reparative” therapy!! That should be on HRC’s legislative agenda! No more forced “therapy”!

  • HD G Vid

    Im expecting Neil Patrick Harris to be the speaker

  • Phil

    All one needs to do is examine the hard drives of any of these “cured” homosexuals – that would illustrate how absurd they are. However, that said, I have no sympathy for stars who allow their children to be photographed for magazines. Once that occurs, they are sadly fair game.

  • Mike in London UK

    “My son is gay, what should I do?”

    Accept him.

  • Victoria

    Mhm. I hope somebody files legal claims for those pictures or whatever. Promotion of this sort should be illegal.

    Conversion? From what? LOVE?

    Ridiculous. And it breaks my heart to think of any person going there.

  • Shannon1981

    @Victoria: When I was 12, before I even was sure of it myself, my parents suspected it. They went to this hellfire and brimstone group of baptist ministers and consulted them about what to do. They suggested a camp to turn gay kids straight. It is little more than psychological and even sometimes physical torture, and religious brainwashing. The people who run these places are crazy, but they are also protected under laws that protect religious practice. It not only doesn’t work, but it leaves lifelong scars.

  • Lakilester

    Ughh… I think I’m gonna throw up.

  • Tim

    I have always wondered if they have other groups to convert you away from other things in Leviticus? For example, I could picture a group the shrimp fishermen can go to because their occupation is a sin, and promotes sinning against god. Or perhaps, a group the whole of the NFL could attend to get over the sin, and unnatural act, of touching pig skins or working on the Sabbath. Or maybe a group teaching the proper way to stone your child if they “talk back”.

  • J.Starr

    Ok Tim Leviticus is in the old testament. All these Bible thumping Christians that you hate so much don’t follow the old testament. They follow the new testament or at least they should be. Christianity is the belief in Christ/Jesus. All of his teachings are found in the new testament. Anything from the old testament that is really important to following God is reinforced by Jesus and the desciples in the new testament. shellfish, Pork, working on the Sabbath and stoning, which are Jewish practices btw (Their Bible is called the Torah. It’s basically the Old testament.), are not mentioned as guidelines in the new testament. As a matter of fact they are for the most part laughable to Jesus and the desciples and chalked up to old religious tradition. Homosexuality however, is mentioned and “frowned” upon in the new testament on multible occasions. See the purpose of the old testament for christians is so that they have a basis, a beginning. It’s also a history of their religion. It’s suppose to let them know where they came from.

    P.S. Shrimp are a crustacean and not considered to be part of the shellfish category, They don’t make NFL footballs out of pigskin. They haven’t since the middle ages. And when they did they were’nt made from actual pig skin. they were made from a pig’s bladder. Modern NFL footballs are made from leather (cow not pig). Regular everyday footballs are made from rubber. oh and stoning is not practiced by modern jews. Nice try though guy.

  • J.Starr

    @Shannon1981: What was the physical torture that they did to you Shannon?

  • thematics

    @JStarr: The “Jewish Bible,” the Torah, consists of the first FIVE books of the bible. So, you need to learn more about religion before you spout off. Football was not played in the Middle Ages. You’re right about the shrimp, however.

  • Tim

    @J.Starr: Wow, snarky much? Talk about missing the point altogether. Did you miss it by mistake or did you not even try to understand the point? Sorry if you were offended by my question, and that I don’t have the intimate knowledge of the 2000 year old book that you do. Please feel free to educate me through the comment section on a blog.

    A few questions for you (and your ultimate knowledge of the Bible/Torah)are you saying that the Pseudo-Christians don’t use selected sections of the book (I’ll just call it the book so as not to offend you further by getting the Torah and the bible confused) against us and ignore other sections that might cause them to look more closely at their own lives and the way they live them? Also, are you saying that the book says it was ok to touch the pigs bladder just not the pig’s skin? That seems odd and weirdly specific.

    Because you have inspired me with your devotion to educating the masses I went through and read the sections of the book again that hold us in contempt. But I also went and looked at scholarly interpretations of the book. Without going into the details here, I do encourage you to read this article, it is interesting.

    Thank you for your concern with my education, and your attempt to turn an off handed comment on a blog into a spiritual experience; it’s been interesting and fun. I look forward to your many critiques of this posting.

    PS; I never said, nor did I mean to imply, that I “hate” Christians. The first time that word was mentioned was in your posting … But thanks for playing.

    PPS; Also just to throw in my attempt at education. I believe you meant to say “disciples” not “desciples”. One is the followers of Christ the other is the misspelling of a measurement of sound. But now I’m just teasing you, so I’m sorry.

  • J.Starr

    uh yeah I know it’s the first 5 books. That’s why I said it was “basically” the old testament.
    Of course the modern day version of football didn’t exist in the the middle ages but the game it orinianted from did tard. I was referring to the term “pigskin” which was the name for the football like object they played the game with. This was because it was made from a pig’s stomach.
    u need to make sure u understand a comment before u spout off and look stupid.

  • Jeffree

    @J.Starr: You lost us at “orinianted from did tard”. Seems like the Christian homeschooling you got was light on spelling, OT theology, & apologetics.

    Calling others “stupid” is a sin. Repent.

  • justiceontherocks

    @J.Starr: Thematics understood your first comment. And he\she (I don’t know which) understood that you are wrong. The second comment no one could translate. Maybe you need to learn to type before you spout off and look stupid.

  • JM

    Cult. Plain and simple. I call cult. And for some reason, they don’t have to pay taxes, are allowed to scar children at “conversion” camps, and have their bullshit taught in public schools. To quote M.C. Hawking, the greatest computer generated rapper with a million PhD’s… “If those motherfuckers want to have that kind of party, I’m going to stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!” Kinda gross, but then, it would be justice for these self-hating ex-fags to taste the potatoes and say “wait, that’s familiar!”

  • Shannon1981

    @J.Starr: I don’t owe a religious nut on the internet explanations, sorry. But we’ll start with praying on stone floors, solitary confinement…I won’t go further, but let it suffice to say that the tactics of people like this should be illegal.

    @JM: That is exactly what it is, a cult.

  • NumberOneGleeFan


    For crying out loud – will some of you people here
    please stop with the Christian bashing already.

    By bashing ALL of those Christians, you are
    now behaving just as badly as the right-wing
    fundamentalists (of ANY religion) that take
    pleasure in bashing all or most gay people.

    Also — out of respect for the beliefs of people such
    as Chris Colfer, Mark Salling; Kristin Chenoweth
    AND Ryan Murphy (who are ALL quite PROUDLY
    of various branches of the Christian faith) you should
    stop condemning all Christians / Christianity, in general.

    (Colfer’s grandmother is a minister; Murphy frequently
    attends a church in Los Angeles; Chenoweth is very
    committed to her beliefs and Salling has adhered to
    the Christian faith that was a big part of his upbringing.)

    From what I have seen MOST of the Christians are NOT
    anti-gay / gay-bashers — AND (contrary to lies spread by
    right-wingers and media scandalizers) Jesus NEVER once
    even mentioned homosexuality or condemned any gay person.

    Jesus DID, however, CONDEMN who used ‘religion’
    (or even just ‘morality’) to falsely judge others — which is
    why the religious-right of His day (known as ‘PHARISEES’)
    incited the crowds to have the Roman government crucify Him.


  • jason

    The strategic mistake that Exodus (as well as other anti-gay groups) makes is that it fails to recognize that sexual orientation is automatic and not subject to choices. Thus, Exodus spends too much time talking of choice in the sense that one’s automatic orientation is a choice.

    The smart thing for Exodus to do would be to attack the poor choices that are rampant within the gay male social scene. Party drugs, promiscuous sex…these are fair game. Exodus would have a valid point if it targeted these poor social choices. And, yes, they are choices.

  • Becca

    @Lakilester: I know the feeling. I almost cried watching this. The fucking music trying to make them sound like the good guys. I’m so so incredibly thankful that my family accepts me and that I didn’t grow up at a time when these types of things were common practice. Knowing that these places exist is one of the scariest things I’ve ever encountered in my life.

  • esc8pod

    In time the truth will win out. Just watch the far right politicians and the bible thumping gay bashers self distruct as their own sins are revealed. God don’t like ugly and it will catch up with them.

  • christopher di spirito

    Exodus used the likeness of Neil Patrick Harris and Chris Cofler without their permission.

    I think there’s a basis for legal action here.

  • Vousie

    @NumberOneGleeFan: I agree.
    I’m a Christian, and while I don’t think that being homosexual is a good thing at all, I also know that they are also people who struggle with knowing what to do. These people should be helped we don’t hate homosexual people, unlike what some “Christians” believe, and what, it seems (please correct me if I’m wrong) most people on this comment section think Christians believe.

    This entire “born this way” argument is also debatable (I don’t believe it). There is no actual proof, beyond any doubt. We *can prove*, beyond any doubt, that cats exist (just picking a simple example), but we can’t prove that homosexual people are born that way. If you Google it, the scientific studies actually conclude that it is not biological, these studies most often conclude that the “born this way” argument is more of an excuse for their actions, so that they can say “We didn’t choose it so don’t blame us for it.” There is no *proof*. Please Google it.

    God *doesn’t* hate “fags” as other people’s posters say (I’m not using “fags” as an insult, just quoting the posters). God says in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin, but if people turn away from it (as mentioned earlier, there’s no proof that homosexual people are “born this way”) and believe that God loves them and sent his son to save us all, then they will be forgiven. Before people start saying that God does this or that, they should really first check in the Bible whether the Bible says it.

    Please, remember, the second greatest commandment in the Bible is “Love your neighbour as yourself” Which means that we should care for others’ well being and love them just as much as we care for our own well being. Hate, against anything, including homosexual people, is always totally discouraged in the Bible, it is a sin. Those who say that they’re Christians yet hate homosexual people (or anyone else) are not acting like a Christian should.

    True Christians care about helping others, making them happier, caring for them. True Christians do not hate, shun, bully, or insult others, we always do our best to help others where help is needed.

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