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  • Mimi

    *lol* Love the headline!

  • Jon B

    They are so fucking adorable… can’t even stand it.

  • Todd G

    Please don’t tell me they are becoming media crazed – would be quite a blow…

  • HK

    Know what they say; the bigger the ears the bigger the…


    @HK: I 100% agree with your statement. The old “big shoes, big hands” usually only means guys possessing same wear big socks and big gloves. Yet any guy I have met with big ears for some reason actually did have a really big cock……………..

    As to NPH and hubby. I am tempted to go the “celebs seeking attention” route. But then again why can’t two persons who are really are in love and are super excited ’bout the two additions to their family wanna tell everyone about it??

    So I say good for them, just don’t name the boy Barney or Doogie :p…………


    @HK: 100% Agree. The old “big hands, big feet” usually only means the guy wears big gloves and socks. However any guy I eva met with large type ears actually was pretty well hung………

    As to NPH and David, I was tempted to go the “celebs seeking attention” route. But they seem to be really in love and super excited about adding two kids to the mix. Why not wanna brag about it? Just don’t name the boy Doogie or Barney……. :p

  • Clint

    Sooooo cute. And what’s with all the thumbs down votes today??

  • Vic

    These two might become annoying.

  • Carlos

    LOVE them. Good for them for being open with their love. Closet cases…take a page out of this and learn what it takes to be a REAL man (not being afraid to be who you are and with the one you love). Of course, closet cases take up too much space on our planet to grasp that notion.

  • Power

    Well I guess if they weren’t already out,this picture would be their coming out.Typical media whores,just out media whores.

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