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  • PTG

    Hmmm, I guess kids are expensive.

  • Ted

    good for him. He was good last night at the Trevor benefit

  • Bill Perdue

    He is not a “hostess” you self-hating “queer”. He has never described himself as a female, so why are you? The “queer” cult doesn’t give a damn about respecting others and it does not allow individuals the right to define themselves.

    Can’t wait for the new generation to cast off your dated self-hatred and your 1950s belief that to be a gay man is to be a woman.

  • jak

    Feminization is a known tactic of anti-gay bullying and is also practiced by self-loathing and spiteful gays as witnessed here.

  • SpiffyShindigs


    Oh please. In this day and age genders of words are meaning less and less. You can say “You go girl” to a guy and he won’t be offended. I’m sure you could even call a straight guy “hostess with the mostest” and it wouldn’t be seen as an issue.

  • Devon


    Helpful hint: You might wanna step out of your gender studies class for five minutes and spend some time in reality before you just start calling random guys hostesses…

  • SpiffyShindigs


    Protip: Don’t assume that what’s true for your age group is the same for all of them. I’ve seen straight guys IN REAL LIFE call each other “girl.”

  • SteveAtlanta

    Some of you guys have a complex. If saying “hostess with a mostest” gets you up in arms and has you going on a crusade you have some SERIOUS issues with your sexuality, your past, and probably your family. You also probably classify yourself as “str8 acting” and attack gay men who are effiminate all while trying to fight for equal rights. Deluded gays who think they are something they’re not make me laugh.

  • Kirk

    I’m as ‘butch’ as they come and my friends make that reference to me and I take it as a compliment…lighten up for god’s sake.

  • Pete

    Most of the guys who describe themselves as “masculine”, “straight-acting”, and “butch” are some of the biggest queens out there! They’re delusional and full of self-loathing.

  • G.A.L.

    Well no queerty posting would be right without some old queerty regular using terms like ‘self loathing’, ‘glass closet’, or a few other tiresome, quaint 20th century terminology when you disrespectfully disagree with someone’s opinion. How old are some of you guys? Retired by the amount of queerty time online by some.

  • dan

    walk…NO, RUN to this website….NOW

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