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  • Kendall

    This comes as a shock to him? It is the same thing on Fire Island and P-Town. The guys you want to see naked never take their clothes off and the guys that should keep them on love to flaunt it all.

  • Lucius vorenus

    I wouldn’t flaunt, since I am overweight right now. I prefer to SEE.

  • unclemike

    Intimidating does not equal frightening.

  • Michael

    My favorite thing to do whilst on holiday in the Greek Isles is to login to my Twitter account.

  • ron

    It’s been years since I’ve been to Mykonos, but isn’t the beach to go to called Super Paradise? I remember there were 3 beaches, and you had to take a boat to get to them. Best trip I ever took.


    @Kendall: “cept the guys on FI or P-town don’t have petrified penises with their balls knockin their knees…………. :-p


    @Kendall: ‘cept the guys in P-Town or FI, don’t have petrified peen with their balls knockin against their knees…………. :-p

  • fredo777

    anyone else google “elia beach”?

    oh…just me?

  • WTF?

    Once you develop a tolerance for it, Sugar Daddy peen (a subset on the larger field of antique junk) can be quite palatable. You can buy expensive drinks afterward to wash things down.

  • cocteau_twin

    Well, he didn’t say that the exposed wieners actually belonged to “old greeks” so that’s a misleading headline there. Elia is very international – people from all over the world go there.

    @ Ron

    Super Paradise has been taken over the straight multitudes years ago. Elia is the place to be – one of the most serene and gorgeous beaches anywhere in the world :-)

    I have to add that despite his personal displeasure which I might understand (the same thing happens in my gym every day), this is a pretty ageist, disrespectful and unpleasant comment from someone who wants to represent gays on the public spotlight. We come in all shapes and sizes you know.

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