Neil Patrick Harris + John Barrowman Engaged In Real-Life Internet Popularity Contest

You know when two celebrities take to The Twitter, and try to line up endorsements from other celebrities (with large Twitter followings), you’re dealing with something of substance, yo. Like how actors Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman are fighting to be named “Man of the Decade” by a gay website. This is not, it turns out, a contest over dick size, which would make us actually invested in the outcome.

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  • romeo

    Barrowman should win. He’s gutsier and more involved, I think. And way cuter. (Let’s get our priorities straight.)

  • Same Crap

    Dr. Howser for the win. Who the heck is the other guy???

  • terrwill

    Stupid thit, Both are out and active in the community.
    Both can be considered role models for others to do more
    than jus peek out out of the closet door. Seems dumb to
    make one seem more Gay than the other……………

  • An

    @Terrwill I think it’s all in good fun, Out magazine etc. make lists all the time. I didn’t get the feeling that it was meant to be a big, serious, definite poll to begin with, it’s just kind of grown out of proportion since the twitter campaigning started. And JB and NPH aren’t taking it all that seriously either, they’re making jokes about topping each other. Ifyouknowwhatimean. I hope it doesn’t turn sour amongst fans, but right now I just think it’s kind of funny.

  • christopher di spirito

    I like them both.

  • Cam

    Love both, but have to go with Barrowman because he came out voluntarily and at the beginning of his career. But really, they’re both great and I wish there were a dozen more of each out there working!

  • romeo

    @ Cam #6: Agreed.

  • Rikard

    It’s such a nerdy choice. I hope these are the faces of gay men on tv that are representing us. I grew up in a tv era where this contest would have been between Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reiley. Important as they were, they were not the role models I think Borowman and NPH are.
    p.s. NPH for me.

  • ksu499

    I sure like that pic of NPH. Yum.

  • yeahandalso

    Who is John Barrowman? I read celeb blogs daily and don’t recall ever seeing his name before…like ever

  • David Ehrenstein

    They’re both gay. They’re boht out. They’re both talented. They both sing Sondheim>

    How’s about the two of them in a revival of “Road Show.”

  • FakeName

    YeahAndAlso sez: Who is John Barrowman?

    He’s a Scots-born actor and singer with dual UK and US citizenship. He’s a West End leading man and is probably best known in the US for playing the omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness on the revived Doctor Who series and its spin-off, Torchwood.

    David Ehrenstein sez: How’s about the two of them in a revival of “Road Show.”

    How about a musical version of Take Me Out? David, I’ve read and enjoyed your book Open Secret a couple of times and have used information from it in a couple of Wikipedia articles I’ve written.

  • alan brickman

    Harkness is the hawtness…

  • Katie212

    no contest. Barrowman has been out for years and came out voluntarily when it wasn’t as easy to come out. He is just as talented, if not more than NPH and way better looking.

  • Shaded Spriter

    This is the opposite of the AvP mvoies tagline – whoever wins…we win.

  • Joseph

    Gotta vote for NPH–cuter, funnier, more humble.

  • tonyboy

    Dark haired men win over blonde guys any day. John Barrowman gets my vote.

  • Robert, NYC

    Yeahandalso, just another tidbit about John Barrowman. He lives with his civil partner in Wales but spends a lot of time working in London.

  • gjr

    I’m sorry, I’m going to have to do very extensive field tests with both of them before I can make a decision. I think the best thing is to take both at the same time as a comparative study. Then after 50 or so test runs, I will make a decision.

  • RichardIII

    Gay man of the decade: our gay soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, risking their lives every day so that OUT can put out shit like this.

  • FakeName

    Please. As if the troops in the Middle East are there to protect American liberties. As if any American is the slightest bit safer because of the clusterfucks in Afghanistan and Iraq. As if AfterElton (not OUT) depends on unnecessary wars and pointless deaths. Get your tongue out of the military’s collective ass and spare us this jingoistic bullshit.

  • Robert, NYC

    FakeName, I agree with you. These wars are nothing more than a front to preserve American hegemony and access to oil in the region. The federal government provides the oil industry with tax breaks and massive corporate welfare handouts, so gasoline is artificially cheap for American consumers. Without these government breaks (a socialized program if you will), Americans would be paying about $15 a gallon. We don’t hear any of the right wingers complaining about government interference to keep it low do we? These wars have nothing to do with protecting anyone, absolutely not. If the U.S. were that serious about protecting air travelers, they’d have implemented the same measures used by El Al, the safest airline in the world. What is so appalling about our policy in that region is that our tax dollars are contributing to a universal health care system in Iraq, supported by the Bush administration for 8 years while these same right wingers y decry anything resembling health care for all in our own country. It stinks.

  • alan brickman

    John is out on his own terms..and should be repected for that alone…it makes hi double hawt…

  • alan brickman

    John is masc and out…no contest…

  • Dave

    Why do we have to choose. I mean I’m not one of those people that thinks everyone should make the team but there should be tryouts and whoever makes it makes it. It’s called competition. But one…we’re gay or at least I think you are and gays break and make unconventional rules all the time…that’s one of the qualities we pride ourselves in. So let both of them with for different qualities. Make them a celebrity gay couple for the contests. Bring them together, have a great photo shoot highlighting their similarities and differences. Gays have never been in the spotlight more for ‘unions’ than the last few years why not show the public or mostly gay men that we can still rock the boat and highlight an issue that is important to many of us. I love both of them as celebrities and out gay men. Let them use their celebrity not to divide but bring them together which will get more press than any single winner! Think about it. They may not be partners with romantic feelings for each other but they are partners in a way that can provide some fun but more importantly a statement and I can’t imagine either one not wanting a little photoshoot or screen time with the other. The two of them are strong, beautiful and talented. Don’t divide them.

  • Lukas P.

    Congrats to NPH for being a gracious winner (do read his “acceptance speech” at AfterElton.com), to AfElt for pointing out how “social media” is changing our lives and for keeping the “contest” fun, and to JBarrowman for being hawt and humble.
    Both guys are class acts.

  • TheProfessor

    FakeName and Robert, I think what Richard III was arguing was about the American boys overseas who are risking their lives. Many of them are gay, and they are following orders. Whether we agree with them or not, it is their right to join the military. It is the govt., first Mr. Bush’s, now Mr. Obama’s, that are continuing the fight. So, don’t be so disrespectful at our men and women over there. It has nothing to do with being jingoistic. You both seem very confused, bitter, and angry. It is so sad to read comments like yours.

  • JonathanHasHadIt

    Fakename, ur an asshole.

  • Robert, NYC

    The Professor, you DON’T know me to assume I’m bitter or confused. Angry yes, but I’m a realist. I have the utmost respect for our gay brothers and sisters who choose to fight overseas as second class citizens. I never said its not their right, nor did I say they weren’t risking their lives. Who said anything about jingoism? I fail to see what that has to do with NPH or JB that is nothing more than a superficial distraction by Queerty. Nobody really takes this particular post seriously, come now. Lighten up.

    If you don’t believe these wars are about securing cheaper oil first and foremost, but about our security and freedom, then you’re the one who may be confused. Do you really believe if there were no vast amounts of oil in Iraq and elsewhere, that the U.S. would have any interest being there, pre or post 9/11? We all know there were no WMD, the bogus excuse to go to war in the first place. Yet….North Korea we don’t invade to protect our freedom and security because there’s no oil there. Under the current administration, we won’t touch Iran which has oil reserves because the electorate would be against another war, wasting lives of young men and women for nothing more than selfish, self-serving reasons.

  • FakeName

    TheProfessor, to echo Robert’s comments, you know nothing of my state of mind and you are presumptuous to comment upon it.

    JonathanHasHadIt, go fuck yourself.

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