Neil Patrick Harris Lays It Out

Neil Patrick Harris graces the latest cover of gay glossy Out. And, like the mensch we know he is, the dreamboat actor spread himself wide open – emotionally, that is – to reveal the quiet trials and tribulations of his otherwise well-documented life. A taste:

OUT: Did growing up in Hollywood make it easier or harder for you to come out?
NPH: I think it was harder. Actually, I think it was easier for me, because I was around a lot of people who were gay and I was around a lot of people who were very confident. I was surrounded by people I could talk to freely about anything, and they were very successful emotionally and otherwise.
OUT: And yet…
NPH: And yet, part of the coming-out process is figuring out who you like and what that means and how to act upon it. Being an actor reduced my level of anonymity. I couldn’t just go to some bar and walk in and ask someone out on a date, because there was too much awareness of me. So it made it more difficult in that sense. I couldn’t be, like, “Maybe I like this kind of guy” or “Maybe I’m into this” — I couldn’t really experiment. I sort of had to narrow my gaze from afar. If I had any regret, it would be that strange lack of anonymity that created panic within myself that I would be found out. But I think that’s everyone’s big fear.

Harris also points to Real World: New Orleans’ gay Danny as an “empowering” example of someone who wore his sexuality “comfortably.” And he was pretty cute, too.

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  • faghag


  • Hells Kitchen Guy

    The issue looks good. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the ads for Here TV projects, but realized that they are buying them and using OUT as their platform to promote their shows. The guy is cute.

  • Goforit

    Is this still a gay magazine? It looks like People Magazine and does not really speak to me.

  • hambone

    “is this still a gay magazine?” hmmm… well, NPH is gay, and the coverlines include gay marriage, and Manhunt … seems kind of gay to me …

  • clr

    I like N.P.H. but I’m a little pissed off at his recurring cameo in Harold & Kumar’s latest pic “Escape from Guantanamo”. Neil plays himself again (which was a lot of fun in the first movie of this franchise) but in this one he missed a great opportunity to play up his coming out which would have balanced the movie’s extremely off-color homophobic depiction of gays (i.e. military guard’s comment that he’s creeped out by being in the same space with a fag). The movie makes fun of racial stereotypes and the morons who follow them but being gay, according to the movie, is just plain creepy.

  • mark

    Neil by his own life will make it easier for more young gays and lesbians to come out. He also puts to lie that a gay actor won’t be hired for straight roles, or will diminish their careers.



    The guy is cute no doubt, but there really doesn’t seem to be any umpf in him.

  • Rsquared

    He’s growing up nicely and, I think, will be a great example of gay hollywood in the future. This guy is smart, funny, good looking and nice. Our own gay Clooney. Just give him some time.

  • afrolito

    NPH is sooo hot (love the cover!), but don’t ever fool yourself into thinking he’s the gay Clooney. He will never have his career in Hollywood, but so what?

    He totally should have been the morning goods this morning.

  • xylitol

    Um, the must-read article in the issue of Out is the piece on Manhunt and how it affects the gay community.

    Nothing against NPH or anything, but let’s discuss the NEWS.

  • Alex

    News? That Manhunt article so did not live up to the hype on the cover. Gay men spend too much time cruising? Gee, that’s news. It was cool to see who the owners were at least. But OUT sucks.

  • Snoodle

    Oh NPH…how do we love thee…*sigh*

    -commented on by a representative of the women for the ‘we’d marry him anyway’ foundation.


    I’ll have to pick this up :o

  • Jaroslaw

    Fred Phelps was in a N’Flix production called Small Town Gay Bar(s) – not sure exactly of the title. Anyway, the thing I just can’t believe hasn’t been shoved in their faces over and over is his statement during an interview and of course I’m paraphrasing – ‘there’s not thing you can do about Gay people, their going to hell and that’s all there is to it.’

    So Mr. Phelps – you said it. Nothing can be done, pray, keep yourself holy or whatever you think you need to do and wait for God to make his move to end the earth’s existence.

    Since this doesn’t occur and they keep getting press and radio time, apparently our media and public WANT controversy and the chance to listen to inbred half wits. Oh, I’m too kind 1/4 wits… or 1/8th wits maybe?


    Neil is so hot and


    I admire the fact that he is out and working in a business where so many are in the closet. I will certainly be picking up this issue

  • crazylove

    Agree- he gets props.

  • rin

    He is cool. But I am very curious. Why did he post his profile on a interracial website named
    “interracial chatting . c o m” What is he looking for there?

  • Kimmy

    gay who cares..he is fine.

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