Neil Patrick Harris’ Next Flick Based On Jason Segel’s Google Image Fail

Sometimes you’re hanging out with your buddies on your hit sitcom, just passing the time while your assistants brave the horrible midday traffic on La Cienega to get you your highly specific vegan lunch needs from Real Food Daily (Miso soup, seitan wrap and sea cakes now, dammit!), and—kaboom!—a movie idea springs forth directly from the head of Zeus Jason Segel.

Explains Neil Patrick Harris:

“It all started with a joke. We were on break on the set of How I Met Your Mother, and Jason Segel was Google Imaging me to find that one shot of me on a unicorn. Instead, he happened upon a picture of me holding a double-barrel shotgun. I don’t even remember when…Anyway, he showed it to Allyson Hannigan, and she said, ‘Hey, it’s a homo with a shotgun!’ I guess she had just seen the trailer for [neo-grindhouse Rutger Hauer vehicle] Hobo with a Shotgun and thought it was a cute riff.

Next thing I know, somebody from Dimension [Films] is on the phone, and we’re getting $20 million in funding from the State of New York to develop the picture. Amazing. I won’t say the phrase ‘Squeal like a pig!’ is in the script. But then again, I won’t say it isn’t, either. It’s going to be a trip.”


The finer points of the flick—co-stars, director, script—have yet to be finalized, but the buzz is Harris will play a shotgun-wielding mary forced to fight anti-marriage-equality forces.

So what’s the moral of this story, kids? In order to get your low-budget indie made,  figure out a way to get Willow from Buffy involved—that lady is magic.

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  • gherkin

    Me thinks NPH is pulling the proverbial leg.

  • MikeE

    the worst part is, when I first saw the trailer for Hobo, my first thought was “Homo with a Shotgun”… dunno why.

  • Daniel S

    I will pay money to see this and Allyson Hannigan is a goddess, that is all.

  • Adam

    This would be the most amazing film.

  • sam

    Alyson Hannigan’s a “goddess” when she’s not lying snarkily about Sarah Michelle Gellar because she was pissy Buffy ended -_-

  • AJ

    @sam: Darling, if you’re going to trash someone, at least present your proof with it.

  • Saraphina

    Please let Jason play the bad guy. He’s always wanted to do that.
    He could be the super-religious-butthole political figure who hates gay marriage. That. Would. Be. AWESOME~!

  • CJ

    I hope this is all a bad joke.

  • Viral

    First, I wanna see the shotgun pic, I was just google search Neil myself and didn’t see one…

    And the movie be awesome in one of those star-studded cast, full of a-list cameos kevin smith or quentin tarantino pictures sort of way

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