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Neil Patrick Harris Not Being Invited Back to Host the Tonys?

In just one year, it’s been decided (by, um, us) the entire reason for putting on the Tony Awards is to give Neil Patrick Harris a stage and a live television audience to sing and dance in front of. But if the gay Oscar hosting gig isn’t going to Harris, at least there’s good reason for it: In the ultimate F-U to NBC, Les Moonves and CBS reportedly offered the gig to Conan O’Brien, who’s also known for his cabaret voice.

Sure, there’s the little matter of whether Conan is allowed to appear on television anytime in the next seventeen millenia, which could make Harris the fall back plan.

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  • Robin

    Now I really hope that NPH shows some self-respect and declines the offer to host, if he is just the “fall back plan”. He’s better than submitting himself to being just CBS’ ├╝ber-monkey.

  • terrwill

    Lets see, we have a host who brought some of the highest ratings to the Tony’s in years, brought a whole new demo to view the show and was by all accounts a smashing success…………..

    Or bring a kinda sorta funny guy, who appeals to a very very narrow demographic (certainly not Tony viewers) who’s latest foray into the ratings game was a complete and utter disaster. And who acted like a spoiled freaking brat complaining about how “crappy NBC treated him” as he cashed a 42 Million Dollar severance settlement……

  • Alejandro

    does not compute.

    Conan does not equal Tony Awards.

    (and for us theater folk it’s nice that we at least have ONE night where people around the country can celebrate theater . . . albeit of the Broadway variety. As a child the Tonys were VERY important to me).

  • Caitlin

    Thank goodness for Queerty. The idea that we should be disappointed at NPH hosting instead of Conan made me cringe. Personally, I do think he was screwed by NBC- or rather by NBC’s insane dellusion that Leno at 10 PM every night was a good idea- but if it weren’t for all that hype and following outrage, he’d have a much smaller fanbase. (Disclaimer: that’s not a jab at people who genuinely like him. He’s not bad, I just never got into his humor. Give me Craig Ferguson any day.)

  • Anne

    I quite like Conan, but NPH was perfect hosting the Tony’s last time. I guess they want to switch things up, but I personally would like to see Neil host again.

  • terrwill

    @Caitlin: NBC can screw me any time you want as hard, as long, and as hard as they want if they are gonna kiss me with 42 million dollars after the deed is done………..

  • David Ehrenstein

    Heterosexuals are not qualified to host the Tonys.

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