Neil Patrick Harris Opens Up About Playing Hedwig And Where He Found Unlikely Inspiration

neil-patrick-harris-eyeblack-360x180To be perfectly honest, we never totally loved Hedwig and the Angry Inch. But maybe the involvement of enchanted pixie Neil Patrick Harris can change our minds. Did we mention he takes his shirt off?

In an interview with the NY Times, Neil talks about his childhood love for musical theater, inspired by a traveling production of Annie. The video is required viewing, as it features a clip of the young actor singing in a dream sequence on Doogie Howser.

Now he’ll be hitting the stage as Hedwig, in full sexy drag. It hasn’t been totally easy: apparently drag queen friends have been needed to coach the cast on posture and delivery.

“Thankfully there’s lots of drag examples right now,” Neil says, pointing to Drag Race and Dallas Buyer’s Club (which, eek, maybe don’t use that as your model).

He’ll have big shoes to fill, as John Cameron Mitchell’s character is as iconic as, say, Charlie Chaplin or Indiana Jones. There’s simply no one else who could be that Hedwig, so he’ll have to discover a new approach to Hedwigging. Here’s the Times interview; we also recommend hopping over to Netflix to watch his episode of Murder She Wrote (alas it comes during the series’ misguided period where Jessica lived in New York).