Neil Patrick Harris Bans Baby Talk From His House

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are swiftly becoming America’s first gay celebrity TMI couple. Well, maybe second if you count Anne and Ellen (and we don’t).

After a gushy cover feature in this month’s Out magazine (the one with the weird neck kiss), the couple popped up in People magazine, discussing how they’re raising 15-month-old twins Gideon and Harper.

“My parents always talked to my brother and myself like we were regular people and not babies,” Harris says. “I try to talk to them even though they can’t speak the language yet.”

Oh God, Neil, you’re not trying to make them baby geniuses or something are you? Dougie Howser was just a TV show!

Burtka and Harris were on a rare vacation alone together at the Super Bowl, but its obvious they were excited to get home to the kids. Says Harris, “They’re thankfully in the new huggy, clingy, head-on-shoulders phase, which is fantastic… It’ll brighten up a sad day every single time.”

As cheesy as stars gushing over their kids is, we’re thrilled the How I Met Your Mother star and his family are being treated by the mainstream press the same way they would treat co-star Alyson Hannigan or Cobie Smulders. It just goes to show you that gay celebrities don’t have to necessarily compartmentalize their home lives.

Photo by Matthew Kristall

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  • Oh dear (John From England 2012)

    I hate baby talk.

  • MEJ

    Matt Bomer should take notes.

  • Danny

    At least there is one area with true equality – gay couples with kids are just as boring as straight couples with kids.

  • Jeff G

    @MEJ – Gag, they’ve turned into pr seekers using their children. Maybe they should take notes from bomer on dignified living.

  • Bob

    I used to think they were cute, but now they are nauseating. Neil and David that is…not their kids…

  • Red Meat

    They are obviously doing it to show a high profile gay family in good light since we don;t have much of that still. It’s still surprising to meet people who do NOT know NPH is gay.

  • MEJ

    @Jeff G:

    Maybe they should take notes from bomer on dignified living.

    Yes, I hear his closet is quite dignified.

  • val

    Love Them. They do an awesome job for the gay community, and to show people that gay families are just like any other families.
    I think the way they “normalize” gay relationships/families, without using harsh criticism against people who disagree with them, is an effective way to change the way people look at gay people. They change people hearts and minds, and therfore more people will support LGBTQ people and think they are entitled to equal rights under the law.

    People should thank them that they are willing to do it, instead of criticizing them.
    I can not see other high profile LTR couples who are willing to do that? Wait…. there is almost no other high-profile couples who are not in the closet.


    You guys can be such haters. They are doing something good and self-affirming. Why make fun and be an ass about it? Jealous?

  • Geoffrey

    I think it’s great they’ve overcome their issues and remained strong. Forgiveness goes a long way in a relationship.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    @MEJ: Yeah I hear being a sanctimonious asshole is quite dignified. Shut up already.

    A person brings his kid for the first time to a football game and he is using them for publicity, another nit only constantly takes official images of them with the likes of Elton John but talks about them all the time and he’s a god?

    You’re pathetically insane. Or just a hypocrite.

  • MEJ

    @Oh Dear (John From England):

    Yeah I hear being a sanctimonious asshole is quite dignified.

    Pot, this is kettle. Kettle, this is pot.

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