Neil Patrick Harris Talks Having Sex With Women And Being Gay Married, In That Order

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.10.31 AMNeil Patrick Harris revealed in an interview with Glamour this week that he is not a gold-star gay, admitting that he once had sex with a woman in the ’90s.

Sorry guys, we can’t all be perfect!

The 41-year-old actor claims that he was basically pressured into testing his heterosexuality because it was the thing to do at the time.

“In high school all my friends were sleeping with girls, and it just seemed like that’s what one did,” he said. “So therefore that’s what I did, but it left me feeling unsettled, as if I had somehow done it wrong. That’s not a good feeling.”

But he also recognizes that times have changed, and LGBT teens today don’t necessarily feel the same pressure to “test” their sexuality the way they once did. “Now I think it’s easier to avoid that fate,” he added. “Today, it’s cool to see a happy lesbian couple who are high school juniors. Better that than have those two girls marry people they’re not attracted to, have three kids, and then come out when they’re 50.”

When asked how he maintains an awesome relationship with husband David Burtka, NPH says:

Honeymoon phases end. They just do. We’re animals, and animals aren’t inclined to copulate with just each other for the rest of their lives. So here’s a challenge: How do you keep redefining your relationship? I think you have to find new elements that turn you on, and not only sexually. Having kids was one of those great moments for me. Watching David become another level of person, mastering this other domain, made me look at him with a whole other set of appreciative eyes. That sort of made me re-fall in love with him. That’s another important thing to realize. Everyone falls out of love with everything. You fall out of love with your house. You fall out of love with your job. You just have to figure out ways to keep [the love] alive.

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