Neil Patrick Harris Talks To Oprah About Parenting Struggles, Dating Women And Doing Magic

Neil Patrick Harris‘ interview with Oprah last night won’t change the world—or save the struggling Oprah Winfrey Network—but it was still a reminder to closeted celebrities that they can enjoy the same fame and positive publicity as their straight counterparts. There was also a strong unspoken message to hetero viewers: Gay parents just want to raise their kids in a loving environment, and make a host of mistakes along the way, the same as mainstream moms and dads.

The onetime talk-show queen met with Harris and fiancé David Burtka, and 18-month-old twins Harper and Gideon, at their Los Angeles home. Above Harris and Burtka give Winfrey a tour of their nursery. (When can we move in?!?)

Below the guys discuss their parenting styles and Harris’ initial trouble bonding with their girls.

The boys also talked about when they knew they were gay and, in a Web exclusive, Harris dazzles O with a magic trick. Does that qualify as an “A-ha Moment”?



Photo: OWN/George Burns

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  • Jeff Atwood

    Pretty good interview, however I object to Oprah’s asking them if they had ever had sex with women; name one heterosexual parent in a relationship to whom Oprah asked if they had ever had homosexual sex? Harris’s dad (Republican & veteran) used term “gay lifestyle”.

  • Roxorz

    @Jeff Atwood: Agreed, I thought it was a great interview, really humanized them both but I thought oprah’s question was fair and it came only after she asked them if they had “dated women” to get emphasis. She did ask Ted Haggard the self proclaiming straight guy if he had sex with men. I thought it was a natural question to ask of someone that said they dated a woman.

  • Oprah Winfrey

    @Jeff Atwood: Get with the program!

  • BT

    Burtka is obvious the girl in the relationship. His odd laughing and strange excitement during the interview was so off putting. Sorry, but I stick by my original statement that the guy is just WEIRD.

  • Marie Cohn

    I would have shot back, “Oprah, have YOU ever had sex with a woman?”

  • Lefty

    Aww, I really like them both.

  • William

    Wow I loved this entire interview.

    Totally revitalized my love for Oprah as well.

  • Pedrote

    This is a terrible representation of ghey men.
    Blah blah mainstream.

  • Doperah

    I used to like NPH, but he comes off as smug in recent years. Also, why Doperah so nosey? Why does she ask gays if they’ve ever had sex with the opposite sex? Why doesn’t she ever ask her straight guests if they’ve ever slept with the same gender?

  • Matt

    One media whore talking to another.

  • Kim

    @Doperah: she asked because she read that they had both dated women

  • Hephaestion

    A great, loving, well-adjusted gay couple. Thank you God!
    Terrific interview! Bravo to Neal, David & Oprah!
    This show made me feel good all over. (The idiotic comments on Queerty – not so much!)

  • Yeah Right

    I don’t believe either of them ever had sex with women, especialy David. If they did, I bet it was only once. I can’t imagine either of them being able to get it up for a woman.

  • elle

    Lame interview. Really? Straight sex in the interview of all subjects? We all know Neil still cheats on him with a girl. So we all knoe he is bi openly with his inner circl

  • Brandon

    Elle-Does NPH cheat on his partner with women? Is NPH bisexual?

  • Luke

    Hephaestion -Do you actually believe everything the media tells you? I doubt they’re that well adjusted, loving, and BIG surprise! They’re both white!

  • MikeSF

    I agree with Pedr0te these guys are B-list celebrities, mainstream, and your stereotypical very wealthy gay white male couple. Nothing special here. I don’t see the relationship lasting at all.

    Elle-Say what? Is NPH bisexual? Do you have proof?

  • fahima

    I for one liked the ‘sex with woman’ question. Why not? Gay men don’t come out of a vaccum. they both went through phases of gradual self-understanding and ‘dating’ women was a part of that. Why not address the awkward, real-life question. It doesn’t make them any less gay. just proves that sexuality is a continnum and your sexual activities (often influenced by the type of society you grow up in) are not the same as your sexual orientation. It makes a case for being yourself in the end.

  • fahima

    The only problem I have with NPH and this interview is that when receiving praises or discussing possibility of being ”role model” he doesn’t mention the many, many other gay families out there – well-known as well as regular people – who are doing the same thing.

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