Neither FL Gov. Charlie Crist Nor Marco Rubio Want to Repeal DADT. Big Shocker


Though some have suggested Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s best hope for joining the U.S. Senate — against Marco Rubio, the odds-on favorite to win the Republican primary — is to join the Democrats, it appears he’s unwilling to side with them on one issue in particular: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Both Crist and Rubio aren’t just against repealing DADT, they think it’s been working all along. (Just like Florida’s adoption ban!)

Which, to be fair, is exactly what we’d expect from Crist. You think all of a sudden he’s going to forsake the religious right just to do what’s right?

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  • Dirty Ole Man

    What? No comments on this story yet? LOL

    If there were a picture of Obama on this story, this thread would have seen 50 comments filled with hate and vitriol.
    Even if the story was about Obama being the best man in a Gay Marriage..Ha!

  • Brian NJ

    I wonder how he gets his lips to look that dreamy. The should give him a posting on hotchickswithdouchbags.com. I think he is more of the Christian Siriano category.

  • romeo

    Crist is quite literally – nothing. He will do and be anything to get elected. There is no real person there. He’s not going to do anything for gay people.

  • tjr101

    Poor Charlie is pandering to the extreme right of his party and they still wouldn’t vote for him. But if you think Crist will be awful in the senate just wait and see that rabid conservative Marco Rubio. Rubio is a sure “yes” vote for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

    @ Dirty Ole Man, you’re absolutely right! Queerty just has to through in a pic of Obama to get folks on here boiling with rage and vitriol.

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