Neo-Nazi John Ditullio: Guilty of Murdering 17-Year-Old Gay Florida Teen. Will Serve Life Sentence

John Ditullio, the Florida neo-Nazi who had his facial tattoos covered up in court to the tune of one-hundred-fifty taxpayer dollars a day, was found guilty of the March 2006 murder of 17-year-old gay teen Kristofer King, who was the friend of the son of Patricia Wells, who was also attacked in her mobile home because she was friends with a black man. He faces death.

It took jurors 11 hours to come back with first-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder convictions for Ditullio, who stabbed King in the skull, twice, with a knife while King was using the computer. Prosecutors argued he killed King because he was gay. Ditullio, who had stormed into Wells’ mobile home wearing a gas mask, also turned the knife on Wells, slicing her face hands and arms; miraculously she managed to escape by fleeing into the bedroom. Ditullio did not appreciate Wells’ friendship with a person of color.

King’s mother Charlene Bricken was in tears when the verdict was read. Wells, who also attended the trial to witness the fate of her attacker, said after the verdict, “Ditullio has been guilty all along. He’s known it right from the start. He wrote it in letters, he wrote it in poems; he’s told people. He’s the guilty one, there’s no doubt, and now it’s proven.”

During sentencing hearings this morning, Ditullio opted not to wear make-up; he wanted the judge to see his swastika tats. And he plans to testify before the sentence hearings are over.

He faces the death penalty. He could very well get it.

UPDATE: Ditullio will serve life in prison. His attorney says he’ll appeal the verdict.