Hooray for Bollywood

Netflix is about to go gay and Bollywood

Evening Shadows, one of the first-ever queer-themed films to come out of India, has just landed on Netflix and we couldn’t be more excited.

The film about a young man coming out to his family and looking for love made the festival rounds last year, racking up more than a dozen awards as it did so.

The movie also holds a significant place in Bollywood history since director Sridhar Rangayan crowdfunded the production, and because its release happened to coincide after the nation of India decriminalized homosexuality.

“Evening Shadows has been touching hearts and creating a very important bridge between LGBTQ communities and their families across the world,” Rangayan said in a statement.

“We are happy to continue not only its film festival run, but also continue to explore its exhibition at mainstream platforms.”

Evening Shadows streams on Netflix now.

Watch the trailer below.