Clap back

Netflix is shutting down homophobes on Facebook in the best way possible

Whether this is a top-down marketing decision or simply a rogue social media intern’s idea of fun, someone at Netflix deserves a promotion.

Yesterday, the streaming giant sent tongues a-popping with the announcement of Dancing Queen, a new docuseries following Drag Race fan fave and matriarch of the House of Edwards, Ms. Alyssa Edwards.

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But not everyone was so pleased. In the comments section of the Facebook announcement, which included a trailer, some trolls drunk on hateraid felt the need to voice their opposition to the show.

Rather than let their huffing and puffing slide, someone at Netflix started clapping back.

Judging by how many likes each response received, it was a job very well done.

Here’s what it looks like:

This last one led to yet another satisfying exchange, as Andrew attempted to come out on top:

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The response from the company did not go unnoticed:

Dancing Queen premieres October 5 on Netflix. Check out the trailer below: