Camera ready

Out Netflix star Jonathan Bailey responds to photo of him getting “fluffed” on set

Proving not all slang is as well known to the general public as it is to queer people, Scottish TV presenter Lorraine Kelly asked out Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey about a photo of him getting “fluffed” on the set of the popular Netflix series. Only afterwards did she learn what fluffing actually means.

Bailey was a good sport as he clarified what was happening behind the scenes.

In the photo, which you can see in the clip, Bailey appears facing away from the camera, a crew member applying makeup to his backside.

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“Now that’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world,” Kelly notes. “That’s a wee lady who is sort of… I think they call it ‘fluffing’, is that what they do?”

“Well I don’t know what they call it, Lorraine. I think it’s called ice-breaking, isn’t it?” replied Bailey.

He added: “When I lowered the britches for the first time they went, ‘Can we call in makeup?'”

“I just realized what a fluffer is,” Kelly later commented. “It’s not that, it’s not that. My phone’s gone nuts!”

The more you know!