Call Me Confused

Netflix tweet about Carly Rae Jepsen as a gay icon ignites bizarre debate

Netflix‘s Canadain Twitter account has incited a bizarre controversy after endorsing Carly Rae Jepsen as a gay icon.

Following the release of the Season 3 trailer for Queer Eye which featured a sampling of Jepsen’s new song, Netflix tweeted out “the gays get stronger every time @carlyraejepsen releases a new song,” apparently as something of a joke. The tweet invited immediate backlash, both from Twitter users who hate Netflix’s pro-LGBTQ stance and from gay users who resent the company’s endorsement of Jespen.

“A gay may run this account but you’re still representing a corporation and you are not allowed to say “the gays” and that’s that on that,” tweeted user @ryanlinsky. “Yeah they definitely won’t get my money for supporting gays,” said user @kingjuulien.

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The backlash on both sides of the Jespen debate prompted a apology from Netflix, which itself invited even more criticism. “As a gay woman & gay man who have run this account for 4 years,” Netflix tweeted, “we strive every day to ensure our community is seen & heard. We absolutely take your concerns to heart.” Predictably, the debate also prompted Twitter users to begin attacking one another.

The debate also perplexed users in the US, where Jepsen is regarded as something of a two-hit wonder. Apart from her chart-topper “Call Me Maybe,” her only other top ten hit stateside has been the track “Good Time,” recorded with pop group Owl City. She’s fared much better in the elsewhere in the world, with “Good Time” hitting the number one spot and her track “I Really Like You” breaking the top ten in several foreign territories like the UK & Japan.

Jepsen, for her part, has proven herself a staunch ally of the LGBTQ community, notably withdrawing from a Boy Scouts of America-sponsored concert in 2013 over the group’s ban on queer members. She also headlined Los Angeles Pride in 2016.