The Netherlands has a hot young Justin Trudeau lookalike on their hands

Meet Jesse Klaver, the young, progressive politician from the Netherlands who bears a striking resemblance to Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. So much so that some folks have declared him the “Dutch Trudeau.”

30-year-old Klaver is the leader of the GreenLeft party and is currently running for prime minister in the Netherlands. While he may be a little more conservative than Trudeau (Klaver describes himself as more “centre-left,” while Trudeau is about as liberal as they come these days), the two guys sport the same boyish faces, cute smiles, and tousled hairstyles.

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Klaver himself sees the similarities. Although there’s one discrepancy he pointed out during a recent interview with the AP. “I’m very jealous of Trudeau’s muscles,” he joked, “because I’m not as muscled as he is.”

Don’t worry, Jesse. You can fix that! Let us know if you need a gym buddy.

What do you think? Do you see the similarities?

Now, the more pressing question: Who do you think it cuter? Take our poll below…

h/t: Time

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  • Heywood Jablowme

    I voted for Jesse in the Cute Poll!

  • natekerchel

    The resemblance is superficial – very different eyes, mouths and noses if you look closely. My own preference would be for Klaver.

  • Giancarlo85

    Lol Thanks queerty. I been talking about this guy for days. He us going to play a key part in the formation of a coalition government. The CDA, Democrats 66, Greens may all be part of a centrist government.

    • Giancarlo85

      He is also a labor leader BTW and has been an elected official since the age of 23. Someone who became active at a young age and now finds himself at the forefront of a possible coalition government. If the Greens are included they get posts in the government.

      That is how a parliamentary system works often… Far more democratic and fair than what we have in the US. A true multiparty democracy!

  • crowebobby

    How about Austria’s Sebastian Kurz.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    i prefer the curly hair. other than that it’s a tossup until i see a shirtless pic. yeah. i’m shallow. tough shit.

  • Caligari

    If you think Justin Trudeau is left-wing, you probably don’t live in Canada. He’s reneged on his campaign promise of electoral reform and he’ll probably do the same about pot legalization. His party is centre-right if anything, at least by Canadian standards.

    Sorry to disappoint American progressives, but like the song says, he ain’t pretty, he just looks that way.

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