Nevada Lawmaker Introduces Repeal Of State’s Gay-Marriage Ban

nevadamapLawmaker in Nevada are considering a bill that would repeal the state’s 11-year-old ban on same-sex marriage.

Democratic State Senator Tick Segerblom introduced the bill, Senate Joint Resolution 13, which would repeal the Protection of Marriage Act. Nevada voters overwhelmingly voted for by about 67% in 2002. A March poll indicated, however, that Nevada voters now support same-sex marriage by 54%.

To repeal a constitutional amendment, The Legislature will actually have to approve the measure in two consecutive legislative sessions and then it needs to be approved by voters in the next election. (That’s why opponents of marriage equality keep trying to get constitutional amendments—it’s a bitch to undo them.)

So even if it passes this term, SJRB 13 will need legislative approval again n 2015, and then voter approval in 2016.

A committee meeting on SJR 13 is scheduled for March 26t at 9am. You can keep up to date by “liking” Equality Nevada on Facebook.

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