Nevada’s Gov. Believes in Traditional Marriage. Why Is His Wife Accusing Him of 2 Affairs?


Nevada’s First Lady Dawn Gibbons still has her own official website, but it’s hard to tell how much longer that will last. That’s because she and Gov. Jim Gibbons are in the middle of a nasty divorce that began last year, and unsealed court papers are showing just how bad things are getting. Each spouse accuses the other of wrongdoing leading to their split. Jim says Dawn engaged in “aggressive behavior,” whatever that means. But Dawn says Jim had not one, but two affairs with women named Kathy Karrasch and Leslie Durant. Wait: Isn’t this the guy who believes in upholding the sanctity of traditional marriage?

Yes, yes he is. On Monday Gov. Gibbons vetoed a domestic partnership bill, saying a voter-approved amendment to the State Constitution limited marriage rights to one man and one woman, and this bill would have violated that law. But Gibbons isn’t a strict interpreter of the Constitution for legality’s sake; he is anti-gay, plain and simple, and would have approved the measure if he believed in the civil rights of all his citizens. He approved the amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman in 2006. (Bizarrely, he voted against a similar 2004 bill.) He also voted for the ban on gay adoptions in D.C. back in 1999.

And sadly, his veto of the bill appears safe from a Legislature-override.

This, from a guy who sent upwards of 800 text messages to Karrasch in 2007 on a state-issued cell phone. As for Durant? Nothing against the gal, but she posed for Playboy, which doesn’t exactly qualify as “traditional values.”

Oh, the mind-bending hypocrisy of it all. If there’s anyone doing more damage to the institution of marriage, it certainly isn’t couples like Jon and Steve or Nancy and Cindy.