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New Baby Daddy Jude Law Is Also a Cross-Dressing Model

So Jude Law is having a fourth child. From a short-lived relationships! In other news: Jude Law wears women’s clothing!

For the cinema, of course.

Alongside co-stars Steve Buscemi, Judi Dench, Bob Balaban, Eddie Izzard, and Lily Cole, Law stars is something called Rage, which appears to be an Internet-y film about a boy recording interviews on his cell phone during Fashion Week, where “an accident on the runway becomes a murder investigation.”

And that’s Law there, in the wig, playing Minx. And we’ve got to admit: He’s never looked better.

Apparently this thing premieres on on Sept. 24, and will be available online. Wonder what questions will be asked of Mr. Law on the red carpet?