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  • Thom

    He can turn a hetero, gay… Everytime a woman asks me , “Why are you gay?” I just point to him and say, “Wouldn’t you be?”

  • Carlos

    He does nothing for me. And I certainly would not point to a straight guy to validate my homosexuality.

  • dubwise

    I don’t think it can be said enough, he is hot until he opens his mouth to speak. He sounds like Minnie Mouse.

  • donsnyc

    Can I say too overexposed without being redundant?

  • ggreen

    Here in SF crotch stuffing is way out of fashion. Its so 1977 Peter Berlin.

  • ggreen

    BTW These Personal appearances by the spokes models are a sight to behold. Tons of squealing teen age girls, stunted-maturity gay men and hooker moms from the suburbs. All hoping for a glimpse of some junk, when none appears they moon over the spokes boob anyway. Marky (small penis) Mark Wahlberg was hideous when he was here. Homophobic to the core that one.

  • Charley

    Universal appeal. If a all the straight guy’s aren’t turned on by what’s bulging down there enough to buy underwear, my name is not Charley.
    This is the secret of Abercrombie. Walk in their store and it looks like gay porn on the walls.
    Armani is no fool, and Calvin Klein discovered Marky Mark, a swinger at both ends. It’s unspoken homoeroticism by straight men.

  • HL

    Ah, this certainly brightens my day…

  • RPCV

    Big deal – he’s got a dick in his underpants. Like, you know, WOW!! Don’t all men (except those whoo have been castrated)??

  • michael

    rpcv-why do you cruise gay blog sights? Got some issues with your sexuality? I thought so.

  • Ian J UK

    The bod’s not bad, but oh mother! he’s not the sharpest tool in the box, and just getting near him means you would have to listern to that whine, whine of his wife!

    That’s enought to turn a man deaf!

  • CitizenGeek

    FAO: Andrew Belonsky: Could you please ban RPCV or something? Please?

    Anyway, like the first poster said, David Beckham is a justification for being gay.

  • Jonathon

    He’s British. I’m proud that he comes from our little islands regardless of his sexuality ;)

  • fredo777

    He’s hot. My favorite pic of him is still that shot where he’s kneeling on the bed in jeans, shirtless. His butt looked great.

    That one + his (supposedly his) B + W naked arse shot. Shpank.

  • M Shane

    Envious queens: I’m from S.F. and he’s about the most perfect example of manhood I’ve seen. who gives a shit if his penis is huge I’ll
    worship that naturally beautiful body all day.

    And he loves the adoration! I hate Advertizing or corporate power period but that pictur is a tribute to man.

  • M Shane

    BTW, this guy is an incredible athlete lith and coordinated & strong. Not a gym creation who probably couldn’t run around the bed, yet a soccar field. That’s for real flesh.

    Tribute to Man. Even if he was gay you probably couldn’t have him enjoy male beauty.

  • Lost

    Hey, if the man wants to flaunt his body and huge penis, I’m not one to argue.

    Flaunt away baby

  • Serbo-Canadian in China

    Even at 40-or-so David still has that distinctly Beckhamesque look of a naughty boy caught cheating by his young, muscular schoolmaster who is bending him over a chair and pulling his own belt to chastise those sinewy buttocks.

  • maccallister

    he’s just oozing with sexiness no matter what he wears but i preferred him like this hahahhaa

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