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New bionic sex dolls are the “deepest” on the market and come with interchangeable heads

Digisexuals, listen up! Introducing RealDoll, the male sex robot that “emphasizes the term ‘LOVE doll’ because they are so much more than a sex toy.”

How so?

Well, the newest robots, which will be released later this year, feature an impressive 4-1/2″ oral capacity, as well as a 6″ “standard” anal entry, making them one of the deepest male sex dolls on the market.

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Matt McMullen, spokesman for the company, says RealDoll is currently developing the voice and personality of the new robots, which he promises will be very lifelike and, of course, very sexy.

The new robots will also come in two different body builds–muscular or runner–as well as a variety of skin tones and eye colors. Penis size, er, “male doll penis attachments” are customizable and range from 5-1/2″ long to 11″ long.


Do you have a hard time making decisions? No worries. RealDoll has the standard “RealCock” attachment option, which measures a respectable 6-1/2.”

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As an added bonus, the new robots will also have interchangeable heads. So when the novelty effect kicks in and you get sick of boning George, you can pop his head off and have sex with Robert instead!

RealDolls start at $5,999. But it’s an extra $150 if you want him to have hair.

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