New Condom Will Change The Way You Fuck Forever!

Putting on a condom can be rough and tumble. First you got to open it, then you have position it, unroll it and by that time you may not be feeling so randy, thus closing the curtains on your carnal connection.

In an effort to help a brother out, South African entrepreneur Roelf Mulder has developed the “high-speed condom”. South Africa’s Mamba Online reports:

The new more hygienic condom is opened by means of two thumb-sized handles, which are used to slide it onto the penis. It can only be applied in one way. The applicator then pops off the bottom, and the entire operation is complete in just three seconds, compared to the 30 to 40 seconds needed to don the traditional or government issue item.

While it may save you a few sexy seconds, Mulder’s company’s looking to sell a pack of three for about four bones.

Some experts worry this high cost may make Mulder’s efforts a shot in the dark. Still, it’s better than a shot somewhere else, if you know what we mean…

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