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New dating app doesn’t let you see a person’s photo until after you’ve gotten to know them

recent study conducted by the University of North Texas found that hookup, er, dating apps can lead to lower levels of self-worth and self-esteem due to the fact that they prize physical appearance over all else. Now, a new app hopes to change all that.

Introducing Connecter, a dating app that doesn’t let you see what your potential partner looks like until after you’ve gotten to know them.

According to the app’s website:

In an increasingly materialistic world where appearance is considered the be all and end all, there are a growing proportion of individuals who feel incapable of discovering true love. We at Connecter match according to what’s on the inside rather than what’s on the outside, placing emphasis on the fundamental elements of any relationship; character, personality and mutual interests.

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Connecter is the brainchild of 22-year-old Rhys Griffin, who says the idea came to him after he witnessed a woman on a train become distraught she was unable to find any suitable matches on Tinder.

“I was traveling back from university on the train,” Griffin explains. “I was sat next to this girl–for the whole journey all I could feel was her nudging me.”

He continues, “I looked down and I could see that she was using Tinder, a dating app which matches people based on looks alone. She was swiping one way hoping that something would happen. That train journey changed my outlook and vision.”

So how does Connecter work exactly?

Users are asked 10 questions when they first join. A profile is then created. The app uses their responses, which can only be answered once and cannot be changed or revised, to pair them up with other like-minded individuals.

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Connecter only shows the top 20% of compatible users, plus any mutual Facebook friends, and the distance that person is from you. From there, users can request to see a potential match’s full profile and pictures, but it’s up to that person if they want to share that information.

Sound complicated? It kinda is. But, then again, dating is kinda complicated, isn’t it?

“We have gone through every app and we have not seen anything where pictures are not the most important thing,” Griffin explains. “Most apps don’t allow you to work on them unless you provide them with five profile pictures.”

He adds: “We want to give everyone the best chance of finding someone you are compatible with, whether that be love or a friendship basis.”

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  • ChrisK

    Yeah, we ugly people need you vain a-holes to see our inner beauty. Tired of getting blocked on Grindr. This sounds great.

  • Luc

    Yeah, I know rejection always stings less when it occurs AFTER I’ve gotten to know someone…

    • ChrisK

      Especially after you’ve had sex.

  • Paco

    Just delaying the inevitable rejection when they see that you don’t physically turn them on. Sounds like a great way to make some friends you would never have sex with though.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    “hookup, er, dating apps…”

    Okay, Graham, apparently you DO read these comments! – lol. I’ll try to quit b!tching now.

  • Jack Meoff

    I winder how long that app will last?

  • Terrycloth

    Why don’t you meet at a restaurant both of you wearing masks you aren’t allowed to take it off for at least an hour…

  • StupidBoy

    A great idea in theory. In actual practice in the gay community, we all know the boys decide within 10 seconds upon appearance if they want anything to do with you. That’s why I stopped going outside years ago. My lesbian friend, who is six years younger than me, can’t understand why I’m a hermit anymore, but she’s not a guy. She doesn’t know that even if you aren’t trying to have sex with someone, but you say “Hi”, they can slap you down and make fun of you and say horrible things, just because they are young and pretty and you aren’t. I have a theory about “gay years.” You age normally until 21 years old, then in “gay years” you age 2 years for every 1 years of “straight years”. So, someone is actually 31 trying to talk to a 21 year old–the 21 year old sees them as 42 years old in “gay years”. Ewww. That’s old enough to be my dad. Get away you old perv! And, if you aren’t a twink or a gym rat, ewww. The gay flag is one of the most hypocritical flags in the world. On Gay Pride Day, march with us! Have fun in the park! We’re all a great big gay group of friends! But after 5pm, when everyone retires to the gay bars for a drink, ewww, get away you old fat queen! I’m only into 19-year old gym twinks. They gay community still has SERIOUS issues with body types and race, and until the year 2157, when more objective heads prevail, I just stay inside and read the news and watch Netflix until it’s time to go to work again. At least I can make the world go round with my years of customer service and office experience, and make it easier for the 20-somethings to have a nice time out in the world.

  • flexdoc

    So you can get to know someone and once you open your pictures you never hear from them again. Yeah that should do a lot for your self confidence. Lets face it even in the real world , gay or straight your initial attraction to someone, before you decide that you’d like to get to know them, is physical. To deny that is just silly.

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