Haters gonna hate

New dating app “Hater” pairs up singles based in their mutual hatred for things

Look out Grindr, SCRUFF, and Tindr. There’s a new dating app in town and it hates you.

The app is called Hater and it aims to connect singles by all the things they hate. For instance, if you don’t like long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners, couples massages, or curling up by the fireside with your special someone during a snowstorm, Hater will find you people who also loathe those things.

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The app will launch on February 8th, so you’ll have a few days to find a date for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how it works:

Users are asked to swipe in four different directions to select whether they love, hate, like, or dislike a certain person, activity, city, behavior, idea, et cetera. Examples include Brangelina, “build the wall,” biting into ice cream, Woody Allen, Twitter, Brooklyn, the McRib sandwich, Vladimir Putin, Facebook stalking, “The Bachelor,” WikiLeaks, and tipping less than 15%. There are also a handful of sexual behaviors, including 69, the missionary position, and butt selfies.

Currently, Hater has about 2,500 topics for users to swipe on, and it plans on adding more, including user-submitted ones. When users aren’t handpicking all the things they hate/love/like/dislike, they can swipe through other profiles the same way they do on Grindr and SCRUFF.

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“Online dating has become so monotonous,” CEO Brendan Alper tells the Huffington Post. “Everyone just goes through the motions. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Match. Canned line. Bad date. Repeat. We want online dating to be fun agin. Just like in real life.”

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