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This dating app is for ‘lovers of diversity’ who are sick of seeing racist trash on Grindr

Have you ever wished you could just block all those horrible racist people you see on Grindr from your life? Well, now you can!

Introducing Noir, a new dating app for POC and other “lovers of diversity” who are sick and tired of seeing all those “No blacks, no asians” bigots commonly found on apps like Grindr and Scruff.

According to its website, Noir wants to “recreate the environment of Harlem’s Black owned night clubs from the 1920s that is conducive for dating.”

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“These were clubs where people of color got to enter through the front door. These were places where the service was catered to Black people. They were also the only places where you can find Black, White and Other all in one place simply enjoying life.”

We’re down with that!

Developers say:

The division that exists in the Gay community of today has become a problem and to combat it, Noir now exists. Noir caters to people of color but all are welcome. Bigotry will NOT be tolerated in Noir. Noir is a place for people of color ranging from Black to Latino to Asian to Indian and lovers of diversity. Coming to Noir requires an open mind and an open heart.

The app is currently only available on iOS, but an Android version is in development. It’s free to download and offers all the features we’ve come to expect with dating apps, including local and global listings, favorites, and messaging.

It also has a zero tolerance policy for bigotry.

“We do encourage our members to report any profiles that use bigoted language and/or rhetoric,” the website says. “‘No \< insert race here \>, just a preference.’ will also not be tolerated. Noir is not the place for that type of language.”

Sign us up!

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  • am_psi

    Good, so you can stop bitching about Grindr now, right?

    • LynxSavage

      Or people can stop being bigots hiding behind “preference”

    • Ummmm Yeah

      No they’ll be right back on grindr chasing white guys and demanding attention.

    • am_psi

      I wish I was one of the virtuous people who have no preferences. I would love to see the 400lb micro-penis aboriginal midget bottoms they surely date.

    • ChrisK

      Everyone has a preference. By your standard everyone’s a bigot.

    • ChrisK

      @queenmmj. You and your Chinese site suck. No one’s going to join. Go away.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    bitching about grinder has always been silly, but bitching about racist jerks anywhere still fair game

  • am_psi

    The funny thing is in a few months you’ll probably hear the guys on this app complaining about being fetishized by White men seeking BBC or tight Asian tail or whatever.

    • LynxSavage

      Or people of color and people who love diversity have a place of their own and no longer have to put up with underrepresentation and racism on what are their only choices for these kinds of apps.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      Exactly psi.

    • am_psi

      There’s nothing “non-racists” seem to love more than segregation.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Blah, blah, blah…how dare people have preferences? It’s not like most people prefer to date within their ethnic groups or anything. It’s not like it has anything to do with biology and how people like what’s similar to them.

    But no, just call everyone racist. It’s easier and fits your political narrative.

    • LynxSavage

      Where was everyone called racist? They weren’t. People of color now have options.

      They have the option to continue to subject themselves to bigots and being told they are not good enough based on their skin color OR they have the option to be where they are wanted and where diversity is celebrated.

      Blah blah blah, stay in your bigoted lane and leave others alone.

    • Tête Carrée

      No pseudo=nazis or trolls. Just my preference.

    • KaiserVonScheiss

      People either find you attractive or they don’t. Get over it. As a gay man, I’m not going to find a woman sexually attractive, but I guess I should date women. Otherwise I’m a sexist bigot. That’s the logical conclusion to your arguments.

      No one is saying they aren’t “good enough.” You either find someone attractive or you don’t.

  • Xzamilloh

    The problem is, this doesn’t combat racism or prejudice at all, because as the adage goes, “No matter how sophisticated the trap is, eventually the mouse will outsmart it.” So great, you ban users from stating outright “no [insert race here]” but they’ll just figure out another way to get their point across, or just not reply to users they do not prefer. Frankly, I’d prefer you tell me right off the bat you don’t want black guys, because that saves me from wasting my time and you look like a fool all at once, so win-win for me.

    • Xzamilloh

      Of course, what this all boils down to is a bunch of white-obsessed gays of color wanting that white daddy to love them, lacking any and all irony to the fact that they themselves do not want other people of color. That’s the part that annoys me… the unchecked hypocrisy with some of these users.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      It isn’t intended to combat; it is intended to exclude openly (perceived*) racist users.
      Most guys looking to hook up are like water, they will take the easiest path, wouldn’t it just be easier to stay with grinder, rather then go somewhere that isn’t welcoming. But then that would be tempered by the potential availability of fresh meets (or meat).
      It will depend on how heavy the moderators’ hands are.

      *not getting into is it racist or personal choice argument today.

    • Xzamilloh

      Is it, though? Is it excluding openly racist users or likely catering to users who are tired of seeing no blacks, fems, Asians, etc.? Because the racist users will probably just stay on Grindr, which is the more popular app as it is, so all this will do is make an already small pool even smaller, and financially, this does not look like a sustainable market. But, it’s a decent effort that I fully support.

    • LynxSavage

      This is to give people of color a representation where they have none and to provide them with options. Now they are not stuck with apps that don’t feature them in the imagery, etc..

      People do not log into these apps to see multiple profiles telling them that they are not desirable due to a feature they have no control over. It is not about them not being able to bed white people. It has to do with logging into these apps and being told you are not good enough.

  • Paco

    They said they won’t be tolerating profiles that express their “preferences” in an insensitive way. I don’t see a problem with this.

  • surreal33

    First gay men (of any race) don’t need another sleazy site to troll for dick. It is 2017 gay men should be able to meet face to face for dating, casual sex, etc trolling the internet should NOT be the go to. Also, why is it okay to “prefer” to exclude Blacks, Asians, Fats, however, it is not okay to state no HIV positive men? The hypocrisy among gay men is epic! Time and time again the narrative of “it just a preference” is used to veil racism and classism. Yet when gay man “prefers” not to risk becoming infected with HIV it is problematic. Prejudice and intolerance within the gay community are REAL, therefore, we should save time and energy by dealing with it like adults.

    • Paco

      If you really “prefer” to not risk becoming infected with HIV, you won’t be barebacking with complete strangers and taking their word that they are “clean” with no proof. Or at least get on PrEP.

      Simply avoiding men that say they are POZ is not protection.

    • surreal33

      Mr Paco, I DO NOT ENGAGE ANAL SEX PERIOD!!! Also, HIV can be transmitted thru oral sex. While I do not troll the internet for sex. When I do have sex I assume he could have a myriad of sexually transmitted disease and act accordingly. Mr Paco, you seem to be a clueless queen that accepts the narrative that Prep, is a license to be an irresponsible sexual PIG!!! Long term use of Prep has the potential for organ damage and it does NOT protect you from a laundry list of other sexually transmitted diseases. Mr Paco, you and your ilk need to accept the reality that condoms are mandatory, not optional.

    • Paco

      Dearest Mr. surreal33,

      The 1980’s called and want their outdated information about HIV back.

      Best wishes and sexual health.

    • LynxSavage

      YOU have the option to not participate. You do not have the right to tell people what they need or should want.

      Your HIV knowledge is antiquated.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @surreal33: “Also, HIV can be transmitted thru oral sex.”

      That’s about as likely as getting struck by lightning twice in one day.

      I realize that’s counter-intuitive for many people, but as a practical matter it just doesn’t happen. Unprotected anal sex, however, is a totally different situation.

  • jkb

    Having a dating app that removes the stigma of being a person of color makes sense. Being “rejected” is still a possibility, but racism being the reason is reduced significantly.

  • Jaxton

    It’s not necessarily bigotry to say no blacks or no Asians when seeking sex. It’s a preference based on knowledge…. Just get over it and get a life – you shouldn’t be on loser apps like Grindr.

    Grindr is trash for limited people.

    • Godabed

      There is a well known study that proves there is a direct correlation between sexual racism and being racist. So sir you are wrong.

    • hithere2

      A preference is: “I would prefer pizza tonight, but I’m open to other suggestions too.” Saying “no blacks” or “no Asians” is not a preference, it’s simply prejudice. You don’t get an easy way out here – sorry. Just get over it and get a life.

    • LynxSavage

      If you want to be a bigot, you have 3 big apps to do that. People of color now have options and are no longer going to deal with bigotry in something that is supposed to be fun.

  • sydboy007

    During my last visit to the USA I was quite shocked at how racist black men were on grindr. So many profiles saying black only.

    But I forgot, only whites can be racist under the progressive oppression stack

    • LynxSavage

      Then stick to Growlr, Grindr and Scruff where the open bigotry against people of color is a thing. Simple.

    • SexyX

      Lynx Did you read the comment???? He is telling that black guys were rejecting him for being white! What is wrong with you commenting in any other comment just to tell stuff that are not related to the original comment? Are you that traumatised by apps? I feel sorry for you.

    • 1898

      maybe they put “black only” in their profiles because they’re sick and tired of seeing “white only” in other people’s profiles or because they’re sick and tired of being rejected by sad pitiful racists or because they’re sick and tired of white guys who start every conversation with “how big is your d.”

      just a guess on my part, but I wouldn’t blame them at all if that’s how they felt. there’s a lot of nastiness on these apps and after a while some people who are the victims of this nastiness end up using it as a defense mechanism without even realizing it.

  • LynxSavage

    Notice how whenever people of color gain options and are not forced to endure bigotry.. bigots get mad about it. You guys have Grindr, Growlr and Scruff. If you don’t want to be with blacks or asians or latinos of indians…. stick to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to.

    These marginalized groups now have a place that features their images in advertising and within the app itself. The app is for people of color and lovers of diversity. If you don’t like diversity, don’t participate. It is quite simple really.

    • 1898

      hear, hear

  • surreal33

    Correction, Mr Lynx Savage, I (and everyone else) has right to judge! Why? Because when selfish, infantile, parasites like yourself decide to engage in unsafe sex you jeopardize other peoples lives.
    Example: you donate blood, you prepare food and you have hepatitis etc. If only the two men involved could die as result of reckless sex then I would no right judge! Until that is the reality I will continually stress the urgency of condoms and home HIV test kits.

    • LynxSavage

      1. What are you even talking about? Do you even know?

      2. You have a right to judge, no one said you do not. Where you even got that from is a mystery. You are literally making up things that were never said. You have the right to be a bigot too. Others have a right to not want to be around you or anyone else like you. Others have a right to use an app where they are featured instead of tolerated.

      3. Who said anything about unsafe sex? You literally pulled that topic out of your a$$. You don’t know anything about me to eve make the assertion that I am a “parasite” engaging in unsafe sex. You are literally talking to have something to say while saying nothing at all.

      4. Bigots always show themselves. People of Color and Lovers of Actual Diversity now have a place for them. They have options now and an option that does not include bigots. “Lover of Diversity” implies ALL people that have no problems being with blacks, asians, latinos or whoever. Way to read only what you want to read and make up the rest.

  • Captain Obvious

    First few comments same old race baiting trolls as usual always coming in to bash any non-white people who want to be heard.

  • Danny595

    Thank goodness for this app! Now people of color won’t have to miss out on loveless, morbidity-prone, misery-inducing, commercialized promiscuity.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Grindr is controlled by people of color (a Chinese company) so any rules on it can be changed by them to make it nicer for everyone if they want. I think a new app is great since in the end it is the marketplace that decides what rises and what sinks. If consumers want a new app then they will use it. If not, they won’t, but the introduction of new products and services is always a good thing for the end user who wants choices and options. One thing about the whole race issue – speaking as a white person I know that white supremacy is an utter joke of a notion because white people are a tiny minority on Earth. Most gay guys on the planet (and most straight guys) are in fact overwhelmingly people of color. And the passage of time will only grow those numbers as everyone eventually *ucks their way into a blending of all “racial” backgrounds. That’s why the idea of race is absurd to begin with when everyone is human. Try as anyone might, all “races” become one human race visually in the end, while always being one human race at the core the entire way to its inevitable exterior make-over through blending. So be nice to everyone. One day all humans must abandon this planet anyhow because its sun will expand to consume it. So try to make things as good for everyone on Earth before that unavoidable day arrives.

  • jhon_siders

    Maybe its the fact (from the FBI ) that 14% of the US population commits 74% of the violent crime Is why guys are not keen on hooking up with black guys ?? Just look at the news the Media is supposed to be controlled by the liberals But they still show the facts . As I said at a city council meeting you people need to admit you are a big part of the problem of stereotyping and some did not like it but others admitted its true .

    • 1898

      addressing a group as “you people” is a surefire recipe for that group to ignore whatever good idea you might’ve had

      as far as crime is concerned, i live in a state that is 98% white and we have *more* gun deaths per capita than the neighboring state that is 74% white. we also have more rapes per capita and more suicides per capita.

  • batesmotel

    Finally calling out all of those grindr and scruff hypocrites that continuously whine about the president being racist when they should have been holding up a mirror to their face to see what a prejudice racist looks like. Just log onto
    Grindr or scruff.

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