New Documentary: Doctor Tests Ex-Gay Quacks

ex-gay-truth-wins-out-360x274A British gay doctor will submit himself to “ex-gay” “cures” to see what happens. Oh, the suspense!

Dr. Christian Jessen’s efforts will air in a documentary program called Cure me, I’m Gay later this year.

Will he turn straight? Spoiler: no, he will not. Even though the program hasn’t even been completed, the jury is in and has been for years. Efforts to deliberately manipulate a person’s sexuality don’t work.

But it will be fun to see them try! Sort of like when a psychic is caught in a clueless lie, or when Uri Geller’s spoons are proven fake, the documentary should be an entertaining humiliation of the people who take advantage of misguided, desperate individuals.

“Pray away the gay” treatments can take a wide variety of forms, in part because they’re so made-up and anti-scientific. It could just be talk therapy. Or verbal bullying. Sometimes, it’s cuddling another man. Sometimes it’s whipping pillows with a tennis racket and screaming at your mother. Or being forced to play sports. And then there’s the more extreme physical abuse that some victims have undergone.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Dr. Jessen weathers the treatments. But even more, we’re looking forward to the part of the show where he administers lie-detector tests to people who’ve undergone treatment. Ohhhh, this is going to be great.