New FBI Files Uncover Harvey Milk’s Financial Scandal And Dan White’s Assassination Plot

The FBI just released a bunch of files about former San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, gay former Supervisor Harvey Milk, and their murderer former Supervisor Dan White. Were Milk and Moscone taking bribes and laundering money? Had Dan White planned their assassination months before he pulled the trigger? And did White’s sloppy-dressing friend have bad phone manners? Let’s look into the files and see…

The files don’t contain tons about the November 27th 1978 murder of Milk and Moscone. But they do say that in 1983 FBI agents met with a man who claimed to have met White in early 1978. During that 1978 meeting he said he heard White say that he would “get rid of three bastards,” meaning Milk, Moscone, and a third mystery person.

That third person turns out to be 68-year-old John Patrick Elia, a guy who agents say “dressed like a bum” and sounded drunk on the phone. Why would Dan White wanna get rid of him?

Two months before Moscone died, the FBI’s Sacramento bureau had been looking into whether he took a $10,000 check from Howard Hughes in order for Hughes’ Trans World Airlines to get preferential treatment during the renovations at the San Francisco International Airport. They also wanted to see whether he took another $10,000 for helping a local McDonald’s obtain speedy permits. Did Moscone like business class and quarter pounders?

On October 16, 1978 U.S. Attorney G. William Hunter gave the FBI the green light to look into a number of allegations against both Moscone and Milk, including an allegation that Moscone had helped Milk form a Pride committee just so Milk could use federal funds as he wished—que escandolo! Milk said that he figured his anti-gay enemies started the rumor.

Apparently the FBI mostly took interest in Moscone because in December 1963 he sponsored a civil rights workshop that included a speech from Frank Wilkinson. Wilkinson ran the L.A.-based Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, an organization that wanted to abolish McCarthy’s anti-gay House Un-American Activities Commission and “discredit” the FBI. Basically, the feds didn’t like Moscone hanging out with guys who sound like bad-asses.

Anyway, you can read the files for yourself. If you find any incriminating photos, let us know!

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  • Riker

    I think you’ve got some missing HTML here, boys. Need to close your tags properly.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Riker: Awww, crap! Hit the publish button too soon. Thanks for the heads up, RIker!

  • alan Balehead

    Why is this News…I thought everybody already knew Harvey was constantly spending public funds on himself…

  • Jerry Pritikin aka The Bleacher Preacher

    I knew both Harvey and Mayor Moscone as friends. Harvey always wore the same suit and shoes,
    and always lived within his means. George Moscone was good guy, and was always seen at gay events prior to his election in 1975, and as Mayor. I find it interesting that the FBI would
    try and find something on both, since Harvey & George they were liberal in thinking, and each known for helping out the little guy.

  • Wolfsbane McDogstail

    Oh PLEASE!! Like we’re supposed to believe anything this little secret police group has to say about one of us?!? F*ck the FBI and the asshole who founded it!! Another prime example of an organization who’s definitely worn out their welcome.

  • Wilson

    Uh, guys? The FBI didn’t just “release” these documents–they were obtained through hard work and a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Michael Petrelis, and your story here is just cribbed from some very diligent reporting by Matthew Bajko at the Bay Area Reporter.

    This was a real journalistic effort. You should really give credit where credit is due. And cite your sources.

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  • ewe

    Well it’s nice to see someone over there at Queerty reports about things pre 1990. Would you kindly give respect to Ms. Ruth Brinker (founder of Open Hand) who recently passed away. She is an historical figure within the gay community. She is a political giant as far as i am concerned. Thank you.

  • Bront

    Well….Milk and Co. might have been good guys, basically….but they WERE politicians, and there’s not been a completely-honest one of them.

  • Mike in Asheville

    How about just a little itsy bitsy fact checking? Oh, wait, this is Queerty:

    1) Howard Hughes was forced out of the management of TWA in 1960;

    2) Howard Hughes was forced to sell his stock in TWA in 1966 after losing an anti-trust case as the owner of an airline and an aircraft manufacturer;

    3) Howard Hughes died in April 1976 — 2 and a half years BEFORE the Milk and Moscone were killed.

  • jay lassiter

    Who filed the FOIA request to “break” this story, Daniel? was it you?

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