New Federal Rules for Recognizing Marriages

The hunt is on for more brave county clerks!

It’s a relatively new and novel approach to the fight for marriage equality, and one that’s only possible thanks to a series of federal rulings that overturned marriage bans. In Pennsylvania and New Mexico, county clerks have stood up to say “no, I don’t think this ban is constitutional.” It’s an untested strategy, thought we’re expecting rulings in both states on whether it’ll work.

But in the mean time, organizers in North Carolina want to duplicate that approach. They’re looking for a brave county clerk who will challenge the state’s double-ban on marriage (statutory and constitutional).

Will they find someone? Will this actually work? Future unclear! Ask again later! Suspense!

And while that’s going on, Arkansas is barreling ahead with an equality ballot measure; Ohio and Arizona are ramping up on public outreach; and the federal government just clarified that if you’re married and you have employer benefits, then your marriage is a marriage no matter what state you’re in. Duh.