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“Queer Son,” and 7 films that can finally be seen in time for the big pride weekend

As the big city prides hit this weekend, not everyone will be able to attend. So thank goodness for Frameline, the San Francisco-based queer media arts foundation, and organizer of the world's largest LGBTQ film festival.

Recently, Frameline expanded its YouTube channel so viewers can check out some fine queer films that viewers can't find anywhere else.

Earlier, Queerty created a list of some great short films Frameline now offers via YouTube. The San Francisco festival concludes Sunday.

Now we've rounded up a list of political and coming out films just in time for the inspiration that is pride season...

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The Bond

Straight dad Michael Connell directed this short film as a sort of love-letter to his transgender daughter, McKayla. Connell discusses watching his son grow up to become a decorated Army vet, a good husband, and a proud father…and announce that she’s trans. Connell speaks frankly about adjusting to the idea of having a transgender child, how it affected their family, and just how much he loves his daughter.

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