New Graphic Novel Asks Important Question: Can Butch Lesbians Get Pregnant?

A new graphic memoir by writer/illustrator A.K. Summers asks an important and highly contentious question: Can butch lesbians get pregnant? It’s turns out, they can!

“I am not myself,” Summers writes. “There’s no use denying it. I am eternal woman. I am tears and I am snot. I am anaemic and I am purple veins. I am boobies.”

Most people would agree that pregnancy is one of the ultimate feminizing experiences. And for Summers, a self-proclaimed “butch lesbian”, it took some getting used to. Now, she’s turned her experience into a hilarious new graphic novel/memoir called Pregnant Butch.

Think Archie meets What To Expect When You’re Expecting only for butch lesbians. The memoir tells the story of Summers (re-named Teek Thomasson) as she and her girlfriend get pregnant via a home insemination kit and then must navigate through the chaos and confusion that ensue.

Check out a short excerpt from Pregnant Butch below.