Battle Far From Over

New Hampshire Gays Get Unionized For New Year

Hordes of New Hampshire homos started their new year by taking advantage of New Hampshire’s new civil union laws:

Dozens of gay and lesbian couples entered into civil unions in New Hampshire in the early moments of New Year’s Day as a new state law legalized the partnerships after midnight.

Organizers said they checked in 37 couples for an outdoor ceremony on the plaza of the New Hampshire Statehouse – the building where the law was adopted and signed in 2007. Participants bundled up against below-freezing temperatures.

The celebration began at about 11pm, when nearly 200 people gathered for the massive union. While citizens certainly reveled in their new found rights, union sponsor Representative Rep. Jim Splaine insisted they keep on fighting the good fight: “We have to continue the journey to make sure that we have marriage equality, full marriage equality – with the word marriage – soon.”

Only one man showed up to protest: a man from the historically confused Civic Christian League of Maine, who said he showed up to report back to his brethren. Said Michael Hein, “Without our vigilance in Maine, (civil unions are) something that could occur as soon as next year.”