New Harry Potter Trailer Here, Kind Of Queer

It’s a blessed day in internet land the world pours over the trailer for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, the latest installment in the witches and wizards franchise.

The film, which comes out in November, takes a look back at evil wizard Voldemort’s gnarly coming of age, an angle homosexual journalist Choire Sicha reads as “the very gay Freudian nightmare“:

…Now we find that Voldemort’s own sense of evil came to him as a torture in the night of his youth. And then there’s the train chugging its way to Hogwarts, and all the boys in the private school jostling in the halls, and there’s Ian McKellen handing Harry Potter some big crystal memory dildo, seriously, and then there’s Ian McKellen saying, “I’m like you, Tom: I’m different.” My God is this movie perverted.

Sadly, we’re sure right wing wackos would take Sicha’s humor to heart.

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  • SJ

    Um, Michael Gambon plays Dumbledore as any true Pot(ter) head knows. (And before Gambon, Richard Harris was Dumbledore in the first two HP movies)

  • REBELComx

    WTF trailer was Choire watching? Ian McKellan hasn’t been in a single Harry Potter film. Richard Harris in the first 2 and now it’s Michael Gambon. McKellan’s only wizard so far has been Gandalf, unless you count Magneto as a wizard with magnetics.
    And while McKellan and Dumbledore are gay, neither Harris or Gambon are/were. Between the two though, I preffered Harris. Gambon looks too shabby and akwardly eccentric. Harris was regal and commanding. Dumbledore has both those sides, but I preffer Harris’s performance…and costumes.

  • IDNY

    Wow. Just bad reporting. I think any fool who calls themself a journalist should do a smig more research into the subject then that. Obiously he doesnt know much about what he is reporting on so I doubt his theory overall. The only gay threads were woven into the books occur in book 7. And they are VERY light and refer to Dumbeldore and Grimwald (may spelled his name wrong).

    I think the words’journalist and journalism’ are being over used on this site. Just stick to posting the trailers/content someone else has already created.

    But I was excited to see the trailer.
    Look pretty close to the book and that glimpse into the cave scene… looks good. Which is a relief after the DREADFUL job Yates did in Movie 5 duel.

  • Rob Moore

    I never read the books. I only became interested after taking my daughter to see the first movie. At that point, I decided not to read them simply because I knew I would compare the films to the books. With the exception of the Ring Trilogy, I have almost never really enjoyed a movie based on a book I already read.

    Andrew, I hate to pile on, but it isn’t the first time I have noticed the same verbal error on Queerty. The world does not “pour” over Harry Potter. One pours wine, but the world “pores” over the Harry Potter trailer. It is nitpicky, I know, but it is a common error although not as egregious as the near universal misuse of the word impact. Perhaps, I should go take my medications, now.

  • Kaden

    I wish people would check their facts before reporting something…. Even if you are not a fan of the movies all you have to do is GOOGLE them or check IMDB… how hard is that to do. Before making condescending remarks about something, you should know what you are talking about.

  • chandler in lasvegas

    Whoa, girls, slow down. Let’s not eat the guy alive over the obvious error, but instead appreciate his observation of the parallel between being gay and being a wizard and being different in general. Mind you, it was all said before when Tommy and Brad sucked neck.

  • Snoodle

    Except that’s not Ian McKellen *rolls eyes*

  • chandler in lasvegas

    Get in the habit of reading the preceding posts before you cast your pearls, dear. Sometimes it is better to just clutch them quietly, roll your eyes and forgo the redundant post.

  • John

    I see nothing gay, possibly gay or even remotely gay about any of it. But then again I’m not one of those gay guys who says that every straiht guy is gay and that every movie has a gay subplot. I would rather see every one as human and not give a shit about the details.

  • damien

    Despite the glaring error that everyone’s already pointed out, this movie looks to be BETTER than the book. Book 6 was my least favorite. Not because it was bad, but because it is meant to give important backstory leading up to the INCREDIBLE Book 7. (Which will be split into 2 movies, rightfully.)

    Rob Moore, I’d suggest you read the books, if you have the time. Obviously they leave a lot out of the movies, but, as some of the directors have said, the info turns out to be extremely important. For example, there’s one pivotal line in Book 4 that explains if/why Harry Potter lives or dies at the end of Book 7. It was completely left out of the movie.

  • KJ

    The writer should also understand that reading the book reveals that not only does poor Tom have nurture against him, in the blight of his youth, but sadly, he has nature against him, having been unfairly dealt some evil DNA.

  • KJ

    I should add, I wish that Ian HAD played Dumbledore.

  • Alex

    My god you people are stupid! It’s supposed to be a joke! Of course the writer knows that wasn’t Ian McKellae. He’s trying to be funny…Big crystal memory dildo? Seriously people…

  • travis

    Oh course J.K. gave us the psycho old man as our harry potter representative. Why make him gay after he’s dead? Then if that wasn’t enough lets make him a kid killer. Awesome. Any who the movie looks good and the theme music still makes my hair stand on end. yay!

  • mark

    Thanks for the trailor

  • Puddy Katz

    A joke is supposed to be funny.

  • Bobby

    Are you joking Travis??

    Dumbledore wasn’t psycho at all. Over-ambitious, yes. A bit easy to manipulate at a young age, certainly. But not psycho at all.

    He thought he was protecting his family. His sister’s death was accidental, when he was trying to protect his siblings from grindelwald. He more than made up for his mistakes in later life and is an admirable gay character, though, like everybody else, he was not perfect.

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