New Harry Potter Trailer Here, Kind Of Queer

It’s a blessed day in internet land the world pours over the trailer for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, the latest installment in the witches and wizards franchise.

The film, which comes out in November, takes a look back at evil wizard Voldemort’s gnarly coming of age, an angle homosexual journalist Choire Sicha reads as “the very gay Freudian nightmare“:

…Now we find that Voldemort’s own sense of evil came to him as a torture in the night of his youth. And then there’s the train chugging its way to Hogwarts, and all the boys in the private school jostling in the halls, and there’s Ian McKellen handing Harry Potter some big crystal memory dildo, seriously, and then there’s Ian McKellen saying, “I’m like you, Tom: I’m different.” My God is this movie perverted.

Sadly, we’re sure right wing wackos would take Sicha’s humor to heart.