New Hope For Married Gay Soldiers

Good news, Army gays! The U.S. is finally catching up with the rest of the civilized world, kind of, a little bit. If Representative Adam Smith has his way, if you give your life for your country, the Army may actually recognize the existence of your same-sex spouse. And wouldn’t that be nice!

As usual, the federal Defense of Marriage Act is causing problems for married military gays. DOMA prevents the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs from recognizing same-sex spouses, even when they’re legally married in states like Iowa or Massachusetts. Imagine losing your husband in a war — and now imagine that the country that he died for doesn’t even consider him your husband. Ugh.

In response, Smith has crafted the Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act, which would let the Army treat soldiers fairly instead of tying everything up in anti-gay politics. It has 12 sponsors, and we can’t wait to see how anti-gay politicians will tie themselves in ugly logical knots to argue that soldiers’ spouses shouldn’t be entitled to survivor’s benefits.

Other gay-marryin’ news this week: Maryland’s ramping up for a referendum on its new marriage equality law, but our opponents seem to have a little cash flow problem. And Spanish dictionaries just got a little bit gayer.