New Infographic Shows LGBT Equality Status Across Europe

As millions of LGBTs and allies around the globe locked lips for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia today, ILGA-Europe has published an interesting infographic showing the status of LGBT equality in each of the 58 European countries.

In the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map below, green areas show where LGBT equality is most accepted, while red represents areas where we still have quite a way to go.


While some are making great strides toward legalizing same-sex marriage and passing other legislative measures for LGBT equality in general, the report claims “these advances are often accompanied by a social backlash, including increased violence.”

Unsurprisingly, Russia ranks dead last when it comes to making strides toward LGBT equality, and that low rank is partly due to new discriminatory developments that have banned “homosexual propaganda.” The report comes just days after a Russian man was raped and beaten after coming out.

“The Annual Review 2013 uncovers the real situation of LGBTI people beyond laws and gives us the whole picture of what it is like to be an LGBTI person in Europe today,” said Co-Chair of ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board, Gabi Calleja. “The picture is far from satisfactory. While some countries are scoring high on the Rainbow Map because they have good laws, the situation on the ground often is very different. Even in countries with the most advanced laws and policies, there is a surprisingly high percentage of LGBTI people who are adjusting their behaviours on a daily basis because they fear violence and harassment when in public.”

To download your own copy of the Rainbow Europe map, visit ILGA-Europe’s official website.

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  • 2eo

    Hooray, nice to top the European poll in something, we’re getting near.

    There isn’t an increase in Anti-Gay attacks in Britain, the problems the stupid people in my nation have at the minute are brown people who worship a marginally different god whose a bit more violent than theirs in 2013.

    A lot of the right wing groups like the BNP, EDL, UKIP have gay membership, but when you see the quality of the people on they recruit from our community you realise they are no loss, as you have to be pretty pathetic to join these Anti-British maniacs at any point.

  • ait10101

    So is describing the recent attack in Russia as anti-gay violence a case of promoting homosexuality under Russian law?

  • Cam

    “”“these advances are often accompanied by a social backlash, including increased violence.”


    Sometimes it isn’t increased violence so much that people are also not as scared to report the incidents. Similar to when a huge push was made to get women to report rape and not be ashamed, the reports of rape went up but that didn’t mean that the incidents actually were going up. Just that more were being reported.

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