New Japanese Teen Fad: Same-Sex “Kiss Friends”

kiss2According to blog RocketNews24, the newest trend to hit the Japanese high school hallways is to kiss your friend of the same-sex on the lips.

Boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls; where was this trend when we were in high school?

“When we meet in the hallway we smooch,” a second year high school girl was reported as saying. “I have several ‘kiss friends’. The pace depends on the person. It’s a common way to say hi.”

A first year male said: “At school we’re forbidden to get too friendly with girls, so we do it with each other instead.”

“Guys feel nice and soft enough, it’s like ‘ooh, yeah.'”

Mixed feelings about are going around the trend between fellow students. Like many Americans, its been stated that teens “don’t mind” two girls kissing, but then frown upon two guys kissing.

A universal double standard at its finest.


h/t GayStarNews