New Japanese Teen Fad: Same-Sex “Kiss Friends”

kiss2According to blog RocketNews24, the newest trend to hit the Japanese high school hallways is to kiss your friend of the same-sex on the lips.

Boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls; where was this trend when we were in high school?

“When we meet in the hallway we smooch,” a second year high school girl was reported as saying. “I have several ‘kiss friends’. The pace depends on the person. It’s a common way to say hi.”

A first year male said: “At school we’re forbidden to get too friendly with girls, so we do it with each other instead.”

“Guys feel nice and soft enough, it’s like ‘ooh, yeah.’”

Mixed feelings about are going around the trend between fellow students. Like many Americans, its been stated that teens “don’t mind” two girls kissing, but then frown upon two guys kissing.

A universal double standard at its finest.


h/t GayStarNews

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  • yaoming

    I hope this catches on. Men in China used to hold hands. I wonder if they stil do.

  • Polaro

    I could not have even made this story up. Its like aliens took over the planet. Amazing. I’m all for it and a little freaked out all at once.

  • Niall

    It’s all fun and games till someone actually gets a boner, then it’s probably “wtf dude” or whatever that is in Chinese.

  • Billysees

    @Niall: No 3

    Lol….hehehe… Wow. How true that’ll be, won’t it ?

  • LadyL

    @Niall: Except that would be “wtf dude” in Japanese, actually.

  • MK Ultra

    ohhhh, o negai shimasu !!!

  • Milk

    It’s not uncommon for young boys being jerk off buddies.

  • Acep

    This was a fad in U.S. high schools for a while however only within emo groups. No one really reported on it because it wasn’t really news.

  • Brian

    In the USA, there is this pro-female political correctness which allows women to get away with things that men cannot get away with. Cross-dressing, same-sex affection…it’s really quite a dramatic double standard. Feminism has caused this. As men, we gay guys need to fight back against feminists and women in general. They use double standards to oppress the male-male interaction.

  • KylieA

    Interesting. Japan is a country where public displays of affection have always been frowned upon. A kiss on the lips is serious business. Though casual kissing among the youth is taking hold. It might be more youth experimentation with no adult role models.

    The JFAQ YouTuber Unrested says TV and movies of his adopted country Japan suck. South Korean TV is way better. He attributes this to the fact that Japanese actors have no experience with emotions having grown up in a country where public display of any emotion including kissing is frowned upon.

    You almost never ever seen anybody kiss on the street.

  • scoobydube

    @Niall: Please be informed that this ‘trend’ is practiced in JAPAN and NOT China. Be MORE attentive whey reading a story NEXT time …….

  • Billysees

    @Milk: No 7

    ” It’s not uncommon for young boys being jerk off buddies. ”

    That’s true.

    I had several.

    Great fun.

    Meant more to me than them as I was the real Gay guy as far as I could tell.

    You bond to these friends too.

    A few years ago, the neighborhood I grew up in had 4 neighborhood reunions (’06,’07,’08 & ’10).

    All of these old JO friends I saw again are still very friendly even after about 50 years too.

    If we were alone together, I think we’d do it all over again…..and again…..and again…..lol…..hehehe.

  • balehead

    I agree with Brian….

  • capsule


    He is talking bullshit. If the Korean actors are so great then why has no Korean actor ever had a nomination for an Oscar? Some Japanese actors already nominated and Korean has never nominated. http://www.imdb.com/list/tHGDJL5Xg48/
    Also, Korea has been submitting films for the Academy Award for “Best Foreign Language Film” every year since 1963 but still has never had a nomination. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_Academy_Awards_for_Best_Foreign_Language_Film

  • jkb

    @scoobydube: Dude…chill the f&ck out…it’s not all that.

  • Niall

    @LadyL: Thanks, my bad

  • Jess-Jess

    @Brian: Okay, no. Stop right there. You are blaming the WRONG people for this. If you’re implying that lesbians are more accepted than gay man, we’re not. We are more SEXUALIZED. There’s a BIG difference. Do you think it makes me feel “accepted” when I’m walking down the sidewalk with my girlfriend and some random guy tells us to keep holding hands because it turns him on? (Hint: The answer is no. Also, this is something that really happened to me and happens to plenty of other lesbians.)
    The people (or thing) you want to point the finger at is a thing called patriarchy, which is something created mostly by straight white men. It’s the reason why men are looked down upon for cross-dressing or being affectionate with each other in public. Feminists are fighting against this so that you can express yourself – and your love – however you want. Feminism is for everyone, not just women, and if anyone tells you otherwise, you are talking to the wrong people.
    So to summarize: BLAME DUDE-BRO CULTURE.

  • darkorient

    I am sorry for how they make you feel, Jess-jess. You see, sometimes us gay men are not that sensitive toward our lesbian sisters. I believe in Japan, as in the US, it’s more common for girls to kiss other girls than it is for boys. And I don’t like it. This is exactly the kind of shit that give the impression that being gay is a just a phase, that it’s a choice and you can outgrow of it.

  • Derek Williams

    Seems like the kids are not so fucked up.

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