New Jersey Reaches A Decision

After months of nail-biting suspense, the New Jersey Supreme Court had finally reached a decision on whether or not to allow gay-marriage.

New Jersery Supreme Court has affirmed gay marriage rights 4:3, but have left the semantics of it all up to the legislator. It’s likely the NJ will pull a VT and deem gay marriages “civil union” as it decides the exact parameters. They’ve got six months to reach a decision, so unfortunately there’s still more waiting.

First brought up in 2002, Lewis v. Harris, involved seven couples who have been together for 14 to 32 years and believe that the state should honor their commitment to one another. Since then, the case went through the judicial chain of command all the way up to the Supreme Court, which heard oral arguments in February of this year.

Now, after all that time, gays in NJ have finally received the good news they’ve been waiting for; still, non-NJ residents won’t be able “marry” there…