New Jersey Torn On Gay Marriage

It’s been a year since New Jersey’s supreme court ruled in favor of gay civil unions. A new survey shows that while the majority of the Garden State’s residents approve of civil unions, they remain nearly evenly divided on the ever-contentious issue of queer marriage.

From The Daily Journal:

New Jersey voters remain evenly divided over whether gay couples should be given the right to marry in the state, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Voters are clearly comfortable, however, with something the state already does: allow gay couples to join in civil unions, which offer the legal benefits of marriage, but not the title. According to the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, two-thirds of poll respondents said they favor civil unions.

The poll found a trend that others have found: Younger people are more open to gay marriage. Overall, 48 percent of the adults who responded favored gay marriage, while 44 percent opposed it. Nearly three in five people between 18 and 29 favor gay marriage, compared with about half of voters between 30 and 64, and one-third of those over 65.

At least there’s hope for the future

[Image via NJ Civil Union Photo]