New Jersey Will Allow Same-Sex Marriage Beginning October 21, Chris Christie Expected To Appeal

jacobsonOut of the way, Chris Christie. Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson (pictured) ruled today that Garden State gay couples can marry beginning October 21.

“This unequal treatment requires that New Jersey extend civil marriage to same-sex couples to satisfy equal protection guarantees of the New Jersey Constitution as interpreted by the New Jersey Supreme Court in Lewis,” wrote Jacobson. “Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in order to obtain equal protection of the law under the New Jersey Constitution.”

According to Associated Press, the judge accepted the position of lawyers from gay rights groups that the state is now blocking citizens from receiving federal benefits.

Gov. Christie is opposed to gay marriage and his administration is expected to appeal.


Politico reports that Christie’s press secretary released a statement just after the ruling that reads, “Governor Christie has always maintained that he would abide by the will of the voters on the issue of marriage equality and called for it to be on the ballot this Election Day. Since the legislature refused to allow the people to decide expeditiously, we will let the Supreme Court make this constitutional determination.”