New Jersey’s Big Day


Today is a big day for the gays. Not only are the first photos of Daniel Radcliffe’s turn in Equus showing up, but New Jersey officially became the third state in the union to let folks like us get hitched — at least with an asterisk. Behind Massachusetts (where it’s actual “marriage”) and Vermont, Joi-sy opens up its roster for same-sex couples with the legalization of civil unions. Technically, residents looking to get hitched will have a three-day waiting process (just like hetero couples), but those who registered their love earlier in another state can get their shiny certificate today, like 15-year partners Steven Goldstein and Daniel Gross did, becoming NJ’s first same-sex union-ed couple. (They previously exchanged vows in Vermont.)

And good news for gays already betrothed: New Jersey is recognizing you just the same.

All of the following will be recognized in New Jersey as civil unions: same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain or South Africa; civil unions from Connecticut or Vermont, California domestic partnerships and civil partnerships from Great Britain, Iceland, New Zealand and Sweden.

Same-sex couples already in such relationships need take no action to gain the protections of the new law, but if they want to have a Garden State civil union ceremony, they can do so by reaffirming their existing union.

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