New Joe Manganiello Beach Photos Sizzle, Canadian Teen Drops Song Of The Summer & More!

– Watch out, world! 18-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Francesco Yates is hitting the industry hard with his Justin Timberlake-approved Summer Jam of 2014, “Call.”

– A 14-year-old boy from San Diego committed suicide after a school bully spread his masturbation video on social media.

– Emmy-nominated comedian Billy Eichner has announced his first book deal with Grand Central Publishing, the powerhouse behind several of Chelsea Handler’s best sellers.

– Facebook strikes again! Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? author Kenneth Walsh says Facebook banned him for posting a Wikipedia article about bottoming. (NSFW)

– Someone discovered a very large boner on Zappos. (Sorry, not for sale.)

Manganiello-Homotography-People-2 (1)

– Check out the new beach photos of Joe ManganielloPeople‘s “perfect man.”

– Mike Tyson was apparently a huge Julie Garland fan. Whoever that is.

– The men of the Drag Race pit crew have their own music video. Warning: They stay clothed throughout.

– And finally, comedian Greg Scarnici turns into ’90s club kid Jojo OrangaTang for his “poorly researched new single, ‘Gurl Can I Bum A Truvada?'”: