New Kids On The Block’s Jonathan Knight Outed in Enquirer

Brazilian model Kyle Wilker, 27 met NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight (who lives a sort of Neil Patrick Harris-esque “open secret” life, so this is not exactly news to those in the know), while vacationing on Fire Island and it was love at first sight. Sadly, Knight turned out to be something of a homebody who likes to “lead a very simple lifestyle, sitting at home watching TV and movies” and the relationship cooled to friendship, according to Wilker. Don’t you wish you had friends who will talk about you to The National Enquirer? View a bigger screencap after l’jump.


Now let’s all cross our fingers and hope that Jonathan’s got the right stuff and won’t parlay his outing into an annoying “Yup, I’m Gay” People cover. Though at this point, how shocking is “Boy Band Member is Gay” as a headline? Poor Tiffany. Do you think she knew?

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  • Whup-Ass Master

    Being viciously outed in the tabs is a proven ticket back from has-been-ville. Excellent career move.

  • Jason

    I used to work at a record store a few towns away from where Jonathan Knight lives, about 30 minutes northeast of Boston. It was kind of an open secret around town that he was gay but that he didn’t go out much (something about anxiety, I think?). Either way he wanted his privacy and in New England everyone sort of respects that concept, so he was basically left alone. It’s not surprising that these weren’t in fact just rumors.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Never mind about the dumb boy-bander, who is this nice Brazilian? Interwebs, save me.

  • cruiser

    So when is he going to become a Morning Goods?!

  • dizzyspins

    I think Jonathan is majorly cute (and looking fine at 40). I checked his Wikipedia page, and apparently he and Tiffany (of “I Think We’re Alone Now” fame) allegedly dated in the mid-80s. That shouldve been a dead giveaway he was a Friend of Dorothy.

    It’s a shame he’s battled anxiety and depression. I hope he’s found some kind of therapy or medication that’s helped him. I guess he has since he joined the band on their recent reunion.

  • Alexa

    Oh right, because stars who appeal to mainstream heterosexual audiences coming out in mainstream heterosexual magazines is such a terrible thing. So annoying. And when some of those same heterosexuals reading those oh so annoying coming out articles in People finally realize that maybe gay people aren’t as bad as they thought we were and maybe don’t vote to eliminate our rights or condemn us to being second class citizens, is that annoying, too? Japhy, I just don’t understand your position. Surely any time someone comes out voluntarily it’s a good thing? Yes, it will be wonderful when a celebrity coming out doesn’t merit a cover story because it’s no longer a big deal, but until that time, the more stars who come out voluntarily on the cover of mainstream magazines, the better. And, personally, I’d much rather Jordan Knight had come out voluntarily in People than been outed by a scumbag ex-boyfriend in the Enquirer.

  • Alexa

    (of course while ranting I write the wrong brother’s name down. typical)

  • Cam

    Perez Hilton outed him a few months ago. No comment from him, but no denial either. His ex sounds like a dick.

  • Larry

    I was under the impression that his being gay was already public knowledge. I listened to NKOTB during their heyday, and I clearly remember at least one of the members being known to be gay.

    Also, years ago, I was reading an online gay magazine in which one of the writers claimed to have dated a member of a “famous boy band” in the early 90s.

  • hardmannyc

    Everyone saw him on Fire Island all the time. No one thought it was a big deal.Which it’s not.

  • NKOTB biggest FAN

    Who cares if he is gay…He is still hot as hell! He’s just as human as we all are. You can’t help who you fall in love with whether its the same sex or opposite! I am one of the biggest NKOTB fans and this will never change my feelings about them. Live you life Jon!


  • Darth Paul

    @Alexa: “Japhy, I just don’t understand your position.”

    Really? It’s not that difficult: typical media sh!t stirrer.

  • dizzyspins

    In Japhy’s defense, maybe it would be nice for more celebs to come out VOLUNTARILY–not like Knight, who got OUTED by the Enquirer. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your personal life private, but the trade-off is you don’t get to reap the rewards (i.e., a People mag cover) if you’re involuntarily outed.

  • Scott

    Unbelievable! I’ve found my perfect match! I’m also a homebody and love to watch TV. Now how do I meet him? Assuming he’s still single… But he’d better go for non-physical quality as I couldn’t hold a candle to the Brazilian.

  • SeaFlood

    I knew it!!!

  • greg

    @dizzyspins: Aren’t the People covers at least as big a reward to the gay community? Outings by tabloids make the person’s sexuality and sex life seem seedy, scandalous and something they are embarrassed or ashamed about. If the star does NOT do something like a cover story in a respectable popular publication that puts a more positive light on things, then the seedy tabloid impression is all the general public is left with. The People stories are cheesy and the celebrity is sacrificing even more privacy by doing it, so some may not see it as much of a reward or as something they want to do but I don’t see anything but benefits from those stories for the community.

  • StevenH

    He’s actually not the member of NKOTB that I most want to have come out. That would be the horse-faced one…what’s his name? Anyway, I thought he was hot.

  • hms

    Outing people is predatorial, mean, vicious and cruel. If someone wants to tell the world something private about themselves, it’s for them to tell.
    Amazing how the Hunted have become the Hunters.

  • MC

    Why is this even really important news? Seriously, who cares what he does in his bedroom? Why do we care if someone shares their life with someone of the same sex? This is such a violation. We should focus on other important issues other than Jon Knight having a boyfriend.

  • Jon

    Outing is wrong wrong wrong. It’s a personal decision not a decision to be made by others. The ex is a major dick wad and should be slapped silly. The fact that the sexy Jonathan has had problems with anxiety and depression only make it worse. So wrong.

  • Alan down in Florida

    HMS “If someone wants to tell the world something private about themselves, it’s for them to tell.”

    If someone doesn’t want the world to know something they should not be canoodling in public in a world filled with cell phones that double as cameras.

    As far as I have heard Jonathan Knight was in a glass closet and the only people who didn’t know were the one’s who chose not to look in. The NPH analogy is exactly right. Jodie Foster (proven) and Anderson Cooper are other examples.

  • Mister C

    All of you that are celebrating this. Just remember that it’s wrong to be HOMOPHOBIC as it is wrong to OUT folks!


  • kctfrommexico

    is jonthan and our supourtt and love never change!! is nkotb part of our live, and i’ll be loving him forever…

  • julie

    i couldnt give flying frig if he’s gay, straight, or a-sexual, it hasnt got anything to do with his life as a new kid so wots the big deal? is there a big deal?
    NKOTB rule! again!

  • Mary Ann

    Kyle is a jerk. He is a not a brasilian model. He is trying to become famous by exposing Jonnathan. Kyle you are the most disgusting type of human being. You are a jerk. You have no ethical principles, no value… Everyone knows you sold this for money (10 thousand) so we can try to become famous. This is the end of you, only jerks like you will be interested in you, your son of a bitch

  • kate

    Why does it matter? He is a great entertainer and belongs to one of the best bands around. What he choses to do with his lifestyle is noones business but his own. All your ture fans still Love you Jon thats all that matters. Cant wait til the next concert

  • Hazel

    this kyle is a low-life wanker who is obviously desperate for money and fame, he mustn’t be getting any modelling work. oh and the national enquirer is such a reputable magazine/paper, what next that Angelina Jolie is really an alien?

    No-one would do something like this if the really loved or cared for someone, guess Jonathan didn’t fall for his god-digging/ fame grabbing.

    Jonathan knows that all his fans love him no matter what floats his boat, I have been a fan of his for 21 years and will still be no matter.

  • Hazel


    So true Kate, totally agree with you.

    We got ya back Jonathan xoxoxoxoxo

  • Mirella

    This is truly the lowest thing anyone can do,only for a few bucks..

    I hope Kyle can sleep at night,loser!

  • sandra

    im 30,and i love jonathan since i was 12,so for me is hard to see the pics kissing a guy……….but i love him and i still loving him forever,i know he is a good guy and nothing changes that
    love you jonathan

  • Kaz

    It’s seems such a waste, but he is as sexy at 40 as he was when he was 20. Got ya back hun!!

  • Alena

    He’s a MAN! he’s gorgeous and hot!
    No matter who’s he dating with -but not with me and not with you.
    So -resign yourself!

    Jonathan – if you read this – you must know my love and support does not depends of your privat life. The same with all of 10000th of your fans.
    Do what’s good for you, fell yourself free to do what you want to do, and be happy!
    and don’t listen what haters says – you are not worse
    and not better than you are, so spit upon everything that you don’t like or don’t want to hear!

    Alena from Russia:))

  • Gen

    So sad that it’s still, in our day and age,
    BIG NEWS that people seek

    2009 PEOPLE !!! Why is it still so taboo ?

  • gisele

    we shouldn’t worry aboutit it’s his life and us as his fans we sould accept it as he is, we love you Jonathan we wont forget you you are what you are the best looking guy ever walk the earth. love you always…your biggest fan ever

  • Ligia

    well, well I am a big fan on Jon until nowadays. It´s fine for me that he´s gay. Now that I am a married woman, and he likes boys, I see I´d never ever have the chance to be with him (wishful thinking). The weird thing is: I always thoght that Jordan was the gay new kid. How surpriing life can be…



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