But Is It Music?

New Madge Track Kills The Beat

Madonna has been spending late nights in the studio working on her forthcoming full-length.

Judging from the sound of this new Pharrell-produced track, “The Beat Goes On”, Madge may have wanted to stay home.

Madonna’s unimaginative lyrics and Pharrell’s inane beats suggest that the beat does not, in fact, go on. Nor should it. Give the track a listen and let us know what you think…

[File removed by request.]

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  • Dawster

    okay… i couldn’t finish that.

    still not as bad as the “other places make me feel like a dork…”. and, you see, i live in Texas, which is apparently where “they golf” (i mean, i don’t, but “they” do).

    so, considering…

  • Gregg


  • abelincoln

    There has never been a time in my long, long alternative lifestyle that this woman or anything she has done has ever been interesting or entertaining or noteworthy.

  • afrolito

    The biggest problem with this song is the lack of a hook. It just goes nowhere.
    This and “hey you” are both Pharrell produced tracks, and seem to be album filler at best. I’m much more looking forward to the stuff she’s doing with Timbaland and Timberlake.

  • logan767

    i thought it was kind of catchy, actually. the lyrics werent the best, but i liked it conceptually.

  • maverick69

    I’m still buying the album even if this song does not grow on me. Hopefully this is not the finished product.

  • HL

    Whoa! So it’s like Madonna doing her own take on I’m a Slave 4 U with dashes of Me Against the Music.

    It’s so meta! And by meta I mean a terrible idea.

  • hisurfer

    I really liked it.

  • cjc

    “File removed by request”: You mean her lawyers threatened to sue, right? Let’s calls ’em like you sees ’em.

  • ben

    “file remove by request”

    I guess it was so bad, that allowing people to listen to it before they buy it would be bad for business.

  • zeami99

    it is a fantastic song and will be huge and you tired faggots moaning about it is worse than anything she’s ever done. Hot hot track.

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